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Monday, February 28, 2011

Chloe Doe
Suzanne Phillips
Done with book
The title of this book fits very well. Chloe ran away from home when she was about 13, because her step-father abused and killed her older sister Camille. Her mother knew what had been happening and did nothing about it. So Chloe left. She gave up her old last name and chose Doe. It's a name used to call bodies that are found and can't be identified. Chloe thinks she's a nobody. The Forgotten could be another title, since Chloe has been completely forgotten by her mother. She called her mother a few weeks after she left and she hung up on Chloe. How To Move On could also be an alternate title, since Chloe is trying to move on from her life on the streets to a better one somewhere else.

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  1. ohhh that sounds really sad. but it also would be a very interesting subject for a book. I also think those would be good titles for the book.


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