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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

For One More Day
Mitch Albom
pg. 160

If I were to change one aspect of this book it would be not to have so many flashbacks, or to organize them into a different way. This would help me to understand the book a little better and be easier to understand everything that is going on. The flashbacks are important though and thats what most of the book is; Charley looking back on his life when he is an older man. I wouldn't change the flashbacks and what happens in the book, only the way in which the story is told. If I were to change something other than the organization of the book, it would probably be the ghosts. It makes the book very interesting when his parents reappear and it is important in the book, but I like reading about more life-like situations, and in my opinion, this is not very realistic, especially the way it is described in the book. It would affect this book a lot if his parents didn't reappear because that is one of the main events that takes place. If they didn't reappear, I'm not sure how the author would write the book because it would affect the other events in the plot. He might have had Charley's parents live and then Charley might not be so upset about life and try commiting suicide. Although, if his parents were still alive it might cause more problems with Charley, his sister, and his divorced parents.

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  1. I agree with you, when I read books that have flashbacks in them, I get confused sometimes and then I have to think back on what events had happened before then. I also agree with you about the ghost event in the book because whenever there are ghosts in a book, it does not sound that real to me, in my opinion. I think this book sounds very interesting. Why were the parents missing? Hope you enjoy the rest of the book! :)


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