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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Quarter 3, Blog Number 6

Kyle Weber
The Assist
Neil Swidey
End of Book

If I could change one aspect of my book, I would make the plot include more basketball. There is a lot of flashbacks to previous times telling about the players lives. There is too much description in some parts. For instance, Ridley is trying to get a scholarship to play for a division I school, and has to play in front of a bunch of scouts. And the author tries to hard to describe that process. Then he tells of other players who he has coached that had to do that. By the time it gets back to the action, you don't know what is going on in the book. There is also a lot of description on the parents of the athletes. It goes in depth on how one of the players was raised, then it goes into even more depth on how the parent was raised and what happened in their life. If there was more basketball, it would make the plot more enjoyable. If it would talk more about individual games, rather than the stuff behind the scenes, it would flow better.

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