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Friday, February 25, 2011

English 3. Mrs.Sheffield. Dear John. By Nicholasis Sparks.

I would change the fact with Ronnie and her dad. Ronnie to not be so mean to her mom, brother, and her dad. I want Ronnie to play the piano again, even though her father left them. She is good and needs to learn to play for herself and not for anybody. With Ronnie being nice, would change the whole moral of the story line. If Ronnie was nice, then she would be a goody toosho through it all.

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  1. Why do you want Ronnie to be a goody two shoe? (Not sure about the spelling.) I agree with the fact that Ronnie should play for herself and not just because she knows other people want her to play. I would also have to say that you don't want to make Ronnie playt he piano again because she won't have any fun if she is forced. You have to let her decide for herself.


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