Did you enjoy the ending of your book? Why or why not? Describe an alternate ending and why it would or wouldn't be as good a choice as the ending the author chose.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fallan Stark
Dirty Laundry
Daniel Ehrenhaft
If you could change one aspect of your book, what would it be? Explain why you would make that change and how that change would affect the other elements of the book.

I would have more clues leading to where Darcy is. That is supposed to be the plot of the book, but they don't do anything about that until the very end. I might have clues like Darcy could leave behind evidence hinting to who it was or have them investigate more. Also they would actually follow through with finding the evidence and they would explore a lot more then they do. That way the book would be a lot more interesting and more action filled, because the way it is it kind of just rambles on until the end when they actually do something about finding Darcy. It affects other aspects because they would come closer to finding where she is and they would probably suspect each other and they might turn on each other for a while.

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