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Friday, February 4, 2011

Anthony Horowitz

The antagonist has kind of switched in the book at this point. This is thanks to Alex's decision to switch sides. He is now training with SCORPIA, a terrorist organization in Italy. Now the British government is against him, in some ways. They don't want him to be a part of SCORPIA, but they also don't want to kill him since he has been such an asset to them in the past. MI6 hasn't treated Alex the best in the past, but this is a completely different matter. They need to preserve his safety and at the same time get him to change his mind about SCORPIA. Being fed lies from every angle, Alex is caught up in more than he can handle. SCORPIA wants to train him to be a killer, but he knows he can never be that. MI6 is desperate to get Alex back, and SCORPIA isn't very willing to give him up. A child spy is something more than one national security force has taken advantage of in the past, but now that he is in the hands of a terrorist organization and doesn't look like he is going to come back to the agency who betrayed him.


  1. Why does he decide to join SCORPIA in the first place? If he doesn't want to be a killer, he sould have stayed at the other place. Also, how old is Alex?

  2. Alex is 14 and he's sick of MI6 manipulating him. He also learns from SCORPIA that his father used to be associated with the terrorist organization and the plot of the whole series is about him figuring out who his family was before they were killed and getting answers about his past to plan his own life.


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