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Friday, February 11, 2011

the rescue
nicholas sparks
pg 234- 289

In the very begining of the book demise got in a car attackent, and because of this her son, kyle, ran off and got lost. Taylor is the guy that found her in the car and helped look for her son in the swamp. If demise never got into that attackant then she would have never ment taylor. Taylor has been a big aprat of her life after that. He is always around and taking care of kyle and demise. Taylor is falling in love with demise and demise is falling in love with taylor. The whole book is based around that one event and the events that came despit of that. So that if why that event is so imporant, without it there would be no book.

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  1. I really enjoy Nicholas Sparks books. He does a very good job. Have you read Last Song? That was a really good one. Demise is an odd name. Taylor and Demise are meant to be together huh?


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