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Thursday, February 10, 2011

For One More Day
Mitch Albom
pg. 140

I would say their are several important parts in this book so far. First of all, Charley's parents get a divorce. Back then, it was not common to get a divorce so Charley was picked on about this. His mother was known for only that and people did not like her because of it. Later, his mother dies. Charley once again goes through a tough time and explains all the times he has and has not stood up for his mother, along with the times his mother has not stood up for him. Charley gets very depressed and tries commiting suicide several times. Somehow, he lives. His mother then returns as a ghost. Charley is lost and doesn't know where to go from here. This affects the plot a lot because this is pretty much how the story goes so far. These events are important because it would not make an interesting story without them. Something crazy has to happen in a book to keep the reader wanting to contiue reading, and in this book, those events cause me to wonder what is going to happen next.

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