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Friday, February 11, 2011

Fallan Stark
Dirty Laundry
Daniel Ehrenhaft
pg 159
What has been the most important event in your story thus far? Explain the event, why it is important, and how is has affected the characters and plot.
Not much exciting has happened in my book so for so the most important event so far probably is that Carli came to Winchester and is undercover as Shelia. Two people already know of her true identity, and she had to audition for a play and got the role. Because she is an actress undercover, people might recognize her when she stars in the play. It is important because it is the main plot of the whole book so far. She wouldn't even be at Winchester and the people that she has met and all of her friends there wouldn't know her if she didn't come to get a better insight to her acting.

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