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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Anthony Horowitz
pg 105

The definitive event in the book so far has defiantly been Alex meeting the woman in charge of the terrorist organization, SCORPIA. Mrs.Rothman ran into Alex when he snuck into the gala that was being held at her house, the Ca' Vedora. He had gained interest in this particular house and woman when he saw her navigating the canals of Venice in a boat with a gleaming scorpion embossed on its hull. This was enough to excite his interest and follow her through the city to her house. He soon heard about the party she was going to be holding and knew he had to be invited. Instead of the traditional way, he of course steals an invite from another patron. He successfully gets into the party, but crashes it quietly. He ends up in an office with a live tiger and soon he is face to face with Mrs.Rothman. This is the turning point. Now he learns what exactly the destiny Yassen said was his is all about. He is informed that his father worked for SCORPIA, not MI6. What he chooses to do with this information will affect the whole plot, and he decides to walk in his father's shoes. He becomes a part of SCORPIA and is about to begin learning how to kill for a lifetime.

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