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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Indiana Jones and the Philosopher's stone
by max McCoy
The one thing that i would change about my book is the fact that it takes place in the late 1930's. I would make it a more recent bom with more recent bad guys. The nazis were very bad and he has to deal with them in every book. It gets old and really repetetive. If this book took place in a more recent time period the technology could be better in the book. The author has to countinualy use old technology such as a lantern instead of a flashlight.The plot would also be better. It would relate more toward the adiance that reads the book now. We have learned do much about the ?Nazis that we are tired of them.

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  1. I would agree that most books about the 1930's are about the Nazi's and it does get extremely annoying after a while and makes it so it really isn't that much fun to read about anymore.


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