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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Quarter 3, Blog 4

Kyle Weber
The Assist
Neil Swidey
End of Book

The most important event in my story is that Hood's dad came back into his life. Before, Hood was just another kid from the projects without a father in the picture. He was a drug dealer and only showed up when he wanted money. Which was often. Hood didn't want him there sometimes. But others, he wanted so bad to see his dad at a basketball game of his. Then when his father came home, he was a new man. He started showing up to Hood's games. At first, Hood was hesitant to welcome him back, because this was how it always was. He would show up, then leave when he had had enough. But this time was different. He started taking pictures at the games. And he even made shirts for the parents. Hood was a new man after his father came back.


  1. I think it is very ironic that the main character in your book came from the projects, and his name is Hood. I think it would still be very hard to accept his father back after he did all those things, but it is good that his dad is trying to be different than he was and actually be there for Hood.

  2. What innitially made Hood's father leave him? I also think his name is ironic. Is it a nickname, or is that his actual name? It seems like it would be hard for Hood to focus on basketball with everything else happening.


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