Did you enjoy the ending of your book? Why or why not? Describe an alternate ending and why it would or wouldn't be as good a choice as the ending the author chose.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

The Summer I Turned Pretty
I liked the ending a lot, but it was really sad. I would've had the ending differently, but then it probably wouldn't have been so good. The author like, wrote it a if the mom was still alive but then flashed back into reality and really, she had died. I wish that the boys would have kept in touch with her since they were all going away, but that's how it goes when you grow up. You drift apart.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Laura Hillenbrand
Pg. 368

I haven't finished my book yet. I am a few pages away, and I don't think it could end much differently. It is nonfiction, so it happened. So I wouldn't change it at all. I thought the story of the book was great and you can't change its ending. I predict that in the end Louie will figure his life out and have children and just turn into a regular person. It would be cool if it reflected on the other characters that he went to war with and their lives and families, but I doubt that will happen. I want to see Louie start to get into track again. He was good at it and it made me think in the beginning of the book that he would go back to the Olympics again, but that probably won't happen either.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Caleb Bailey
Page - Done

I enjoyed the ending of the book actually. It kind of just cut off after he gave his speech after he was retired. I think it kind of left you thinking as to what was going to happen after that. I think that it could have gone into where he went after he retired, maybe back to his home. I don't think that my alternate ending would be any better. The author had the best idea that I could think of.

Denton's Blog

Friday Night Lights
Buzz Bissinger

The end of my book is very sad, almost tragic in the eyes of a true sports fan. I did not enjoy the ending Odessa-Permian loses the final game. When you read the book it's like you are along for the ride. You are there through the journey of the blood, sweat, and tears. It starts with the dreadful two-days, fighting through the losses, and sticking together as a team. To go through all of that and come up short of the goal really hits one hard. I know when I watched the movie I cried the first time I saw it. That is the only movie I have ever cried in. I have never cried reading a book, however.
Pretty Little Liars
Sara Shepard
The way this book ended was very angering. It is a series of book so the author left it hanging at the end so it could pick up in the second book. They think that they have found the body of the girls' missing friend which is obviously a huge deal. If they have found Alli's body then that means that she is not "A". But how can she not be "A". She was the only one who knew all the secrets that "A". So the girls are extremely confused and so are the readers because that means that there is someone else out there that knows their secrets. Every time we think we know who it is something proves that wrong. But since there are like eight books in the series I don't think I am going to find out for a while who "A" is.

burning up

pg to the end

no i did not really enjoy it was was an ok ay ending but i think it would have been better if the grandparents accually did set the fire and were keeping it a secert from theier grand kids it would have been a major twist because they were so nice and would not want to hurt a fly. i would have been better cause you would not have thought it was the grandoarents who burnt down their black nieghbors house.

A Sporting Chance

The ending of this book was okay. It gave a summary about all the different weapons he's hunted with and his experiences with them and what he's learned about different cultures hunting techniques. I dont think for this book that there could be an alternate ending that would be any better.