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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Nazi Officer's Wife
Edith Hahn Beer
pg. 49
I finished my book a while ago so I'll describe how I think my new book will end. This book is a true story about a Jewish girl who is married to a Nazi officer. I don't think he knows she is Jewish at first, but is fine with it when she tells him. Since this is a true story obviously she survives the Holocaust, so that would be a happy ending. I think the idea about hiding for your life and being sent to a concentration would be terrifying. However, since she survives I think it is kind of a happy ending. An alternative ending would be if she had died in a camp. There wouldn't be a book, but if someone else wrote it, the ending would be sad. Throughout the book the tone is sad and depressing with all the killing, so I need some kind of a happy ending for the book to be good.

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  1. I tink by reading your blog that a happy ending would suit this book well. It does seem like a good book to read. A happy and maybe a sad ending would be great. Hope you like your books' ending.


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