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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blog 4th Quarter

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Stieg Larsson
page 170
So far I haven't been completely interested in this book. The plot is very interesting, but it gives too many details that I really don't need to know about. For example in one chapter it goes through the process of Mikael Blomkvist moving into his new home. It told who he was living near and where he put his few belongings. It was good to imagine the setting, but there were so many details of exactly what he did that it left nothing to the imagination. Even though I'm not impressed with how the events/settings are explained so far, I really enjoy how the author gives details about the characters. It was easy to imagine the main female character Lisbeth Salander. The author gave examples of all her tattoos like 'the loop around the biceps of her left arm', her build, and her facial features. In the case of explaining characters I would rather have more detail, while I would rather have less detail with the explanation of settings.


  1. That sounds really cool. Isn't this book also a popular movie somewhere in Europe?

  2. I hate it when author's over detail their details!!!! I believe that a good author questions his audience and leaves room for interpretation. What's the point of reading a book if the author gives you no more room for imagery?


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