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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Hostage
Theodore Taylor

In this blog I'm going to focus on the main Character Jamie Tidd and his internal conflict with him self about whether to let Tyrannas the whale go or to sell him for over $100,000. He is so confused about what to do because he wants to do the right thing and let Tyrannas go but the huge amount of money is so tempting he is unsure what to do. He turns to his friend Angie for help. She tells him that he has to make the right choice on his own because $100,000 would dramatically change his life forever.


  1. Is Jamie Tidd a poor guy? Or does he just want the money because it sounds like a lot of money? I think it was a good idea for Jamie to ask a friend and see what her advice for him would be. My opinion would be that I would not take the money because I would feel guilty once I got it and felt like I did not deserve it because I did not work for it.

  2. How long has he had the whale? I think he should let it go, and take the money, it could change his life.


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