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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Larry Tye
P. 212
The main character in the book Satchel is obviously the great African-American Satchel Paige. There aren't a lot of other characters in the book which is kind of weird. It briefly describes some of his teammates that he has met along the way it isn't very in depth. Also you are introduced to his mother who he looks up to very much. The very beginning of the story starts out when he plays for the the Kansas City Monarchs and reflects back to earlier in his life. The setting starts in Mobile, Alabama where he was born and raised. From then the setting moves to wherever he went to play baseball, in foreign countries. The conflict is very clear, where he is colored and wants to play in the MLB which is primarily white. I like this book because it's about baseball which is obviously the best sport ever, in my eyes.

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