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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fallan Stark
Zig Zag by Ellen Wittlinger
pg. 47

The story takes place in Iowa. Robin wants her boyfriend to go to Iowa University so she can be close to him, but he's going somewhere thousands of miles away. She is going to go on a road trip in a zig zag pattern, so where she lives doesn't really matter because the book will soon shift to her being on the road. Her dad lives in Arizona and they are planning on meeting him. The story may change because she is traveling so the environments and the opportunities presented to her in the different locations may change. It is in modern time. I think that the time could probably stretch out 10 years in the past or so because not much of it was different back then, the story would be similar. It would be totally changed if it were in the early 1900's or so because they were just inventing cars, let alone going on road trips.
The Pretty One
Cheryl Klam

Hanna Feller
The characters in my book are two sisters. Totally opposite personalities, but they share one same interest. They both like theater and art. As young girls they lived with their family in Roland Park, but when they both decided they wasnt to go to CSPA( Chesapeake School for Performing Arts) in Baltimore they moved. If the setting changed, it would have a big effect on the story, because the plot is based on the girls being at a performing arts school. If they weren't there the author wouldn't relaly be able to describe what the girls are going though and the way they compete with one another to get what they want.

Song of the humpback whale

My book takes place in Cali. Where Oliver, Jane, and Rebecca live. I think in the 2000
When Jane and Oliver get in a fight Rebecca and Jane leave and go to many different states to get to Jane's brother's. On there way they stop at different places to sleep or get help finding there way. If the setting was different i think it wouldn't matter because it would only change where they are going and how they are getting there. It may change there personailty because of there background might be different then what it is now.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Quarter 1, Blog 5

For One More Day
Mitch Albom

Tabitha Payne

The setting of my book is from the late 1900's, from like 1949 from when the guy was born to 1973 at this point in my book. It takes place in Pepperville Beach(doesn't say where that is located). It is always sunny and warm in Pepperville according to what the book describes. To me it sounds like it is on the coast of maybe a California or Arizona where it is hot and sunny most of the year. It says his house is on a hill maybe and sits on the beach. I can picture parents and kids playing in the dry, scratchy sand, splashing in the cold water and screaming. It sounds like the grass is always a perfect shade of green and always trimmed. The house he lives in sounds huge and roomy, with a kitchen that looks out across the ocean or lake. If the setting changed I think it wouldn't affect the story much except for when he goes to the beach and tries to hurt himself but other than that i think any setting would be fine.

Quarter 1, Blog 5

90 Minutes in Heaven
By Don Piper
pg. 67

The setting in my book is very important. A lot of the settings change from hospital to hospital, and he travels in an ambulance a lot. The most important setting in the book is where the crash took place. It happened just after a large bridge. The author actually tells us if the accident took place on the bridge, his car would have been pushed into the lake. If this happened he would have died, so the setting was very important. Another important setting is the hospital he was finally brought to. The Hermann Hospital in Houston was the largest hospital he was close to. This was the only hospital around that could give Don the care he needed. Without it he would have died.
Megan Algreen
13 Reasons Why
Jay Asher
Page 257

There is not a primary setting in my book, it takes place in many different areas. In the book, Clay Jensen is going to all of the spots to where Hannah Baker tells her to go in her audio tapes. Some of the places are Rosie's Diner, Monet's Cafe, Cottonwood Road and many more other places. Once Clay gets to all of these places he then begins to play the tape and Hannah tells him exactly what happened at that place and the reasons on why she had exactly killed herself. Out of all of the settings I would say he was at Monet's Cafe for a lot of the time because that is where he listened to the tapes and no one bugged him as to why he was listening to them. The story would change emmensly if he was only at one specific spot in the book because having him go to all of the places really helped Hannah describe everything she saw and did while she was there, without that you would not get as much affect out of it and the book would not be as appealing as it is with multiple setting because you can picture yourself at the place where he is at and could see everything going on through Hannah's perspective.
Do not pass go
by Kirkpatrick Hill
The setting of my book is in southern Alaska in a average little rundown neighbor hood. It is set in present day as the dad works at a car shop as a mechanic. The family's house is a little rough and could use some repairs. The school is small with little classes and not a lot of tools but good teachers. This is all my book gave me as it went more into describing characters and there personality's.
John Feinstein

The setting of my book is in Indianapolis in the 2000s. At the football field and in the hotels across the street. The setting is very important they meet in the lobby of the hotel constanly but you could do that at any hotel. It really doesn't make a big deal what city the Super Bowl is in. As long as there are two hotels, a big football field, and some press boxes.The only important thing is that the weather is cold, becuase it snows during the whole week and they don't like going outside because of it.
Roses Are Red
James Patterson
Pg. 30-212

The main location is in a big city in Virginia somewhere. I know this because it stated that it was in Virginia, but I inference it is in a big city because Alex, the detective, is investigating multiple bank robberies in a twenty mile radius. He is always at a different bank every time too. This proves that the city has multiple banks which concludes that it is large. It is also probably late spring or summer months during modern day because it states how multiple people are out walking on the streets and how Alex was sweating when he chased after a possible suspect.
If the setting were to change, the plot would be effected as well. If it were in the winter months, it would definitely be a lot more difficult for the criminals and the police as well. The weather would be an obstacle that they would have to deal with. Also, if the time period were changed, the criminals would not be accomplishing the task the same way. They would have different motives and different ways of doing it because through the years every day life changes.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Quarter 1, blog 5

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
Stephen King
p. 115

The setting of the story is the Maine-New Hampshire part of the Appalachian Trail. Its all wilderness except for the paths cut through for hikers. It's overgrown with deciduous trees and very confusing for the nine-year old when she wanders off the path. If the setting were anything but a large forest it wouldn't be the same. The woods create an air of paranoia for the girl because she can not see what is watching her. Twigs snap and the forest falls silent when the "creature" is near. Without these components that strike fear into the girl, the story just wouldn't make sense. It's the perfect setting because she is miles off a trail where no one can find her and there is something there with her. It's a giant place to try and find your way out of and there really is almost no where to hide.
Daughter of Fortune
Isabel Allende
p. 81

This book is set in Valparaiso, Chile in the mid-nineteenth century. It's set in the British colony part of the town. The houses are all ugly because they are a mix of British and Chilean styles. Valparaiso is a port town, so there are a lot of ships there. The time period couldn't be changed, because the main character is going to leave for the Gold Rush. It would also be hard to get to California if the characters lived somewhere else, like back in England. Changing the setting would completely change the story.
Jake hensley
Twisted summer
blog 5

The setting of my book is on a vacation spot on the lake. Its a small little resort where everyone is good friends with everyone. They go there evey year to spend time together and have fun. Although, this year there was a murder. I think the setting plays a big role because if it was a resort where not everyone knows everyone then they might not find the killer. Luckily, everyone was "friends", so it should be interesting who the killer is.
The Batboy
Mike Lupica
Pg. 201
The setting of "The Batboy" is Detroit, Michigan. Where a lot of the story occurs is at Comerica park, this is where the Detroit Tigers play baseball. Part of the story occurs at Brian's house as well. At Comerica, they set the story in the players lounge, on the field, and in equipment room number 3. With out this setting there would be no story. Brian is the babtboy at this park, without the park there would be no batboy. The major conflict is Brian getting to know Hank Bishop, a player for the Tigers. If there was no Comerica park, nor Detroit, then there would be no conflict between Hank and Brian.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Nineteen Minutes

In this book, Josie gets so frustrated because she feels like she can't be herself because other people have already defined her. I think everyone feels this way every once in a while, this book reminds me of a lot of television shows that hit on this subject of being yourself. In the end Josie obviously didn't deal with it the right way because she never fixed the problem she just made it worse so I guess it's a good lesson. Only you can change it yourself, not the people around you.

Please stop laughing at me. Jodee Blanco

My book is about a girl who is tortured by students in her class because she sticks up for some of the people that arent as smart or arent as good looking as the rest of them. Basically she sticks up for the social outcast and she gets punished for it. This relates to me because believe it or not i was the big meanie in elementary school. I was really mean to my classmates just because none of them wanted to "play" with me. I was always left out when it came to birthday parties and other social events. I made fun of cheerleaders and the "jocks" because i was jealous of the things they had and I didnt. I got made fun of all the time and i beat people up for it. Basically as one way to refer to me is as the "Georgia" in elementary. People hated on me because of how I treated them. It was my own fault but i acted like they hated me for no reason and I didnt understand. I remember sitting at home while one of my fellow peers went out and I was never invited. I never understood why i was treated this way until i came to Earlham. Here I am somebody. I have the worlds greatest friends ad i appreciate what they do for me. :)
The Game of my Life
by: Jason "J-mac" McElwain
with Daniel Paisner
My book is a feel good story in America. Most Americans love a feel good story. J-Mac is a kid from suburban Rochester, New York who acheived an amazing athletic feat. "Stuff like that happens everyday". There's a catch. Jason McElwain has Autism. This disease has kept him from leading a normal life ,but on February 15, 2006 he gotto be normal for one night. On many nights during the winter numbers of high school gyms across America are jam packed full of crowds. This story however is far from your average 30 point game.

Blog Four....Quarter 1

Friday Night Lights
Kyle Weber
Pgs. 1 - 50

The book Friday Night Lights is based on a true story of the Permian Panthers high school football team in the year 1988. The book itself addresses racial topics, such as the derogatorily named place where African-American people would live, which was divided by a wall. It also addresses the social order of things in Texas. The everyday life of high schoolers is subliminaly described in this book. This falls into the current events category. Teen drinking is prevalent in all societies, and is a main topic in the novel by H. G. Bissinger.
Fallan Stark
Zig Zag
Ellen Wittlinger
page 13

Robin is a high school junior who's boyfriend just graduated high school and is going off to college. She is very insecure about her self and feels like she is nobody and that "she wasn't really alive before she met Chris". I think many teenage girls can relate to Robin, because low self esteem is a common theme among many adolescent females. Other teens may relate because they may be in the same situation as Robin and Chris. Chris was torn between staying in Iowa and going to a college near Robin or going to a college thousands of miles away. Many teens, and I have a similar conflict because we don't know where to go to college at.

The Hunt For Red October

This book is about a Russain missle sub and its crew. So far the only thing thats happened is the crew was just assigned to a new mission in which they are supposed to travel from Russia to the shores of Cuba without being picked up by the Imperialists sonar. Part of the point of this mission is to test out the new equipment on the sub it was just redone to be almost impossible to track and pick up.
The Pretty One.
Hanna Feller.
The main connection I see within this book to real life is that, many sisters fight everyday. Normally the stories are told from one of the sister's point of view talking about how they wish they were their sister. Either they are better looking than them, have better grades, are more social or they just don't like their life. Megan Fletcher, the main character, is jealous of her sister in every way possible. Her sister has the looks, the friends, and every guy is after her. If I was to take a survey on the people who were jealous of a sibling, there would be a high number. It is very common I think, to be jealous of others.

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

PG. 1-9
My book is about a couple who were very young and fell in love and still love each other. Now they are a older couple and dont rember what it was like except for Noah because he wrote it down in his notebook to of what it was like to be in love with Alli. They loved each other very much.
My personal life can relate to is the notebook . Because I once had the one person I loved and he broke my heart. Now we can be friends . But we had tough times and we had fun times. The notebook cant really relate to the society or current events to my life . But it relates to my personal life so much .

Aly Tekippe

Life as we Knew it
pg. 72-105
by. Susan B. Pfeffer

Miranda is going through a tough time at her house. This can be related to every person that is in highschool. She has fights with her mom, and they worry about her safety. Miranda disagrees with her mother on almost everything' so it is easy for them to fight over stuff. Miranda got a new boyfriend and her mom doesn't think it is a very good idea because the world might or might-not be coming to an end and she is worried about going on dates with Dan. This also connects with my last book, Deadline. In it there is a boy that is dying and instead of getting help he tries to live a normal life. This happens in this book as well. Even though the world is going crazy and millions of people are dead, she still thinks about Dan.


by william Nicholson
pgs 1-40

in this book it doesn't have any real connection to my personal life cause it is taking place in the midevil times or somewhere around there and it doesn't tell much about the problems so far.
they in connection to the religion of pagan they do ceromones for the pagan belief.

Blog 4....Tyler Allison

Ark Angel
Anthony Horowitz
pgs 1 - 50

the only way i can really relate to my book is that i have been fourteen and i am a boy, other than that it is hard to relate to because it is so out there. I can relate it though to the world around us. My book started out where Alex is in the hospitle and he is recovering from getting shot. Alex is a secret agent and is only fourteen years old. I think that there are secret agents all over the place that work undercover. There are lots of people who get hurt from things that have to be kept secret. This is what alex has to do. Also i can relate this book to the other Anthony Horowitz books i have read. In most of his books there is a ton of action and fighting like in this one. I have read all of the Rider series up to this book and they all have alex getting hurt and going on missions. My book is good right now but i havnt gotten very far into it.


Quarter 1 Blog 4

7th Heaven by James Patterson
I cant say that i have too many connections with this book. The characters are very different from anyone I know, and the setting is in a large city. One of the characters has to drive to work everyday, and to me that is like having to drive to Johnston everyday for soccer except that i don't get paid. Pidge and Hawk are the villians who are setting homes aflame just to get valuabes out of the house, I'm sure there are people like that in the world today with the way the economy is going. Their methods might not be as extreme as the ones in these books, but people are still stealing valuables in order to pay for their needs. Christine's husband Joe seems to be very stressed with his new job, and that connects with my life since school just started. Once he gets into things though his job smooths out, and I hope that school does the same thing for me. The story line of the book is much like that of oher James Patterson books, but that is the part i like because you always know you will like it if you have liked any of the other books. This book reminds me more of csi than any of the other books because they are examining the ash remains of bodies to find out if they were killed, or burned in the fire and it is very detailed and greusome.

Quarter 1, blog 4

In If I Stay, a sixteen year old gets in a car crash and looses her parents and her little brother. They were the only family she had... In the book I am reading now, Sam's Letters to Jennifer, Jennifer lost her mother at a young age and the rest of her family has died of age. She has even lost the love of her life in a tragic accident. All she has left is her grandmother who recently went into a coma. She's all alone.
Return to Paradise
Simone Elkeles.
Finished book.

Caleb is like many students in high school because he drinks under age because of peer pressure, but he knows what he's doing is wrong. His relationship with his sister is a lot like many sybling relationships in the fact that when one of them is in trouble, they help each other out. Maggie is like many victims, because she plays the victim and sees her dissability as a reason to act depressed. The book plot is like many teenage romances, just with a slight twist to the story of how they found each other.

Elizabeth Bower

Marley and Me By John Grogan
This book is nonfiction, so anything that happened in the book could happen in real life. this book is also based on a true story. All lot of it is close to someone's everyday life. It is very likely that someone has a dog that is just like Marley. I have a dog myself, and sometimes that things that Marley did, my dog has done. Like get into the trash, make a big mess, sometime not being able to hold his bladder. Marley is some what like my dog. My dog is very hyper and active. My dog isn't well trained. But on the other hand, my dog is very small and Marley is really big. My dog can't jump up on people and knock them down, because he is too little. Marley and the things that Marley does is some what close to my dog.

Quarter 1, Blog 4

90 Minutes in Heaven
By Don Piper
pg. 30
I think my book is easy to relate to because it is nonfiction. I can't really relate to the crash because I've never been in a car accident or have known someone close to me involved in one. I had heard of people dying then coming back to life which relates to the story. This book reminds me of another book where the paramedics mixed up the identities of two girls involved in a crash. I can't remember what the book is called, but the girl describes her recollection of the crash like Don Piper does. Don Piper's description of heaven is like I imagined it would be. He says earthly expressions don't come close to describing heaven. This reminds me of how some translations of words between languages are also skewed and don't always mean the same thing.


In my book I can connect with Cassie, she has a lot of drama going on, when all she wanted was a relaxing vacation. Her supposedly best friend turns on her i can relate to that. Her boyfriend and her are trying to get to know each other more without the press watching them. Overall this book is just like this Earth. People talk, love, hate and could me very murderously cruel to each other.
The Lost Boy
By Dave Pelzer
pg. 1 to 33

Soceity today can be very tough on people such as Dave Pelzer. He lives in a house where he is called "It." He doesn't have the greatest life but at least he has a house that he lives in. Some people in society today don't have a place to go and don't have any family members left in their family. People suffer and die every day from all kinds of things including depression because of certain circumstances in their life. Dave Pelzer is a young boy whose mother is almost like a monster. She makes him stay in the bathroom with a bucket of ammonia and clorox until he almost passes out. It is sad but I'm sure there could be worse. A lot of bad things happen in socitey and life can be rough at times.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mentor Leader
by Tony Dungy
pg. 61
Tyler Book

I can connect a lot with this book. It is about leadership and the fashion in which Tony Dungy chooses to lead, which is through mentor leadership. I connect to this because leadership is used all of the time in my life in sports and other school activities. I also connect because I mentor a middle schooler and use some of the same principles Tony Dungy addresses in this book. This book's ideas are used in society because communities need leaders like mayors and fire chiefs and police officers to keep the community going. Since I watch sports a lot, I see leadership all of the time in professional sports. Since i've been typing I have heard during a college football game how coach Dave Wannstedt of the Pittsburgh Panthers college football team is a leader because of all the things he does to help his players. I also see this in current events when big company's owners or CEO's try to fix a problem they caused such as BP's oil spill. They took charge and tried to fix what they did wrong, just like it tells to do in Mentor Leader.
Elizabyth Ladwig
Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater
pg. 1-146
Grace, the main character, and I are kind of alike in that neither of us likes summer very much and that we both like to read. But I don't like summer because of the heat and she doesn't like it because she doesn't get to see her wolf in the forest at the edge of her house. She likes to read biographies and I like to read fiction. This book also doesn't relate well to society, since it's about werewolves. But it's not like any other werewolf book I've read before.


i am reading GYM CANDY by CARL DEUKER
i can kinda realate to my book because just like his dad was a allstar football player in highschool mine was too. tells how his dad holds all these records for his school. my dad did the same except my dad was a very good basketball player. he holds records for his school in baskets made andmost points scored in a game. other then that thats about it.
Letters to God
Patrick Doughtie & John Perry
Pg. 35

So far in this novel it has basically described the family. Maddy is the mother, Patrick is the father, Ben is eleven, and Ty is three. They are strong believers in God and Patrick writes letters to him because he says that praying is difficult for him. Patrick works two jobs so he is usually always busy and Ben is in football. Patrick was coming home from his second job when he was hit by a drunk driver. He was rushed to the hospital and later his family showed up. A connection to society: It seems like more and more people are getting drunk and still getting behind the wheel. They are risking their own lives as well as many others, like Patrick's. Many people each year are seriously injured or dead after being in a drunk driving accident. So far, it has only said that Patrick is seriously injured and has swelling in his brain. Situations like this happen all the time in society because people make bad choices.

The Song Of A Humpback Whale

So far my book tells about a couple with a daughter. The mother and the father had gotten into a fight about Oliver (dad) his job how he is to wrapped up in it and is never there for her and Rebecca (daughter). Jane (mom) had hit Oliver after Oliver had called her a choice of word. Jane took her daughter and left the house got in the car and left. I can relate to do this in a little way my parents use to fight all the time and my dad would leave or me and my mom and siblings. Also a lot of this world now people get in fights and hit each other and kids are put in the middle of it.
Hit and Run
by: Lurlene McDaniel

Well my book is about this girl whose riding home on her bike from babysitting when she is hit by a car and left on the side of the road. It was dark outside and the driver, who had been drinking, just thought he hit a deer and didn't think much about. Now police are trying to find out who would do such a thing to the poor girl while her life is slowly fading away. I don't have much connection with the book yet, but I did see a thing on the news the other day about a hit and run accident. I don't really know the details, but I'm pretty sure it was like the book, and the guy didn't know what he had done.

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

The story takes place int he 30's and 40's when the Great Depression occurred. Noah had trouble finding a job when he moved to New Jersey so he worked small jobs around the town. I relate to this because I also had trouble finding a job because of the economy. I also have read many romance novels and this one is very similar to all the others I've read. The couple haven't seen each other for many years after the magical summer. They have never been able to find someone to fill the gap that each other have left in their hearts. It's always the same story line with these books.


So far in my book there aren't many connections that i can make because so far this book has to deal with war and I can't make connections. So far all he wants to do is impress his dad and this is something that not only I, but everyone has to do. He had some shrapnel lodge into his leg and was in agonizing pain. This I have experienced, but probably wasn't even close to what he had to go through. I have had a cut in my knee that was very bad, but not this bad. I have read many war books and have had characters similar but none that wanted to impress his dad.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Quarter 1, Blog 4

For One More Day
By: Mitch Albom
pg. 1-54

Tabitha Payne

For one more day relates to society the most I believe. My book is about this guy who thinks suicide is the best answer to all his problems as well as drinking. He really goes out and tires to when he gets a letter in the mail saying that his daughter got married and he wasn't even invited. I have never had someone in my life do that. In society people do it as a way to finish their problems. Whether it is because of bullying, home life, friends, family, grades, no matter what it is people think it is the best way to go instead of getting help. In my book he has tried twice to commit suicide and has failed. People never would have guessed he would try to do this and can't offer him the help he needs right away. He thinks that if he goes back to where he grew up it would be easier to.
Storm Breaker
Anthony Horowitz

So far there's not much I have in common with the book. The setting is England and the main character, Alex is a 14 year old boy. Alex's parents died in a plane crash and mine are still fine. Alex is being raised by his uncle, which could happen to me if my parents died because my aunt and uncle are my godparents. Alex also has a female caretaker named Jack who is from America. She's a redhead who originally was only supposed to stay for a while but now Alex's uncle dies so she's going to have to stay longer than she had planned.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Batboy
Mike Lupica
Pg. 137

I can connect to Brian because we both play(ed) baseball. I also remember that I was a batboy when I was younger for my friends' teams. I have never had the chance to meet a celebrity that I want. Although, I know in society that there are many kids that know a person that is a celebrity, and when they actually meet them, they are not the person they thought they were. this also relates to a real life. I know that kids are batboys all over the country like Brian. I have never read another book that relates Brian and another chracter.

Quarter 1, Blog 4

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordan
Stephen King
p.1- 75

In this book a nine year old named Trisha McFarland wanders off the hiking trail while her mother and brother argue, and she quickly becomes lost. This connects to many hikers in today's society that become disoriented and get lost in the forests. It is also a fear of many to get lost in the woods. I would also connect it to many horror/suspense films because that is how the plot usually goes in many of them. The characters get lost and end up in a remote place by a forest. They decide to go exploring ( just like Trisha) and they get lost. At this point, that is the main conflict of the story, but just like the horror movies, something is going to happen in the woods when it gets dark.
Megan Algreen
13 Reasons Why
Jay Asher
pg. 105

Hannah Baker killed herself because of 13 different people. They all affected her in different ways. People in today's society can really put theirselves down because of what other people do and say to them. So far in my book, there have been 3 people who have made Hannah Baker kill herself. Sometimes the littlest things you say can affect someone's self esteem. Bullying is an issue as to which people want to kill themselves because they cannot take it anymore. Suicide is a common thing among all age groups which is not a good thing and it needs to get less and less as the years go on. Society can fix this by trying to get along with people and not putting them down because you are in a bad mood and want to take it out on someone else. I have this problem sometimes because if I am ever in a bad mood I sometimes can take it out on other people and just snap at them. Hannah had never had many friends while she was in school, she was an outcast. There are always sterotypes in today's society like the jocks, nerds, geeks, etc. Everyone is put in those different categories. Everyone at Hannah's school is categorized in one of these groups.

Quarter 1, Blog 4

Blue Moon
Alyson Noel
pg. 158

My book is based on people who are immortal so there are few similarities to my life, real world, society, etc. There are 'clicks' in the school Ever goes to which relates to society today. It is stereotypical and pretty much how society is set up. Certain groups can't hang with the 'outcasts', popular groups or the A' list, and so on. Ever struggles to maintain the most normal life she can live, but it is hard since she is not a normal teen. In this book, a lot of the teens act the same as in society today. The teens are emotional, start rumors, and pick fights like in today's society. The whole story is about a teen's life, but with the twist of immortality thrown in there. I would connect Ever to myself, because she likes to stay out of trouble and is a timid person.
Roses Are Red
James Patterson
P. 1-30

This story could very well be a real life situation. Alex is a detective who deals with killers and people who create crime. He is living a regular daily life when all of a sudden another case comes up, and Alex leaves his family for the job again. When Alex's wife finds out that he is taking another case, she gets very upset. This relates to how my own mother reacts when my father spends a whole week in the field. We hardly ever see him during that week, and his "job" is his main priority for that week/ It is not to the same extent, but the reactions are still connected.
Also, I would connect Mastermind, the killer, to society's worst criminal fear. He is killing people constantly and leaving no tracks behind. Every parent and child worries about people like the Mastermind in daily life.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Please Stop Laughing at me.

This book is based on a true story about a girl who was tortured by her classmates for sticking up for people she knew didnt deserve being picked on. Jodee Blanco wrote this story about her childhood growing up. The internal problem is that what the kids say and do to her affect her emotionaly. They make her feel like shes not wanted and like she's a loser. There is absolutely nothing wrong with her at all. Shes pretty, shes nice, and over all just a good kid. But her fellow peers dislike her because they think that shes "stuck up" and "too good" for them. The external is that her sticking up for people is affecting her social life and how "popular" she is.

Nineteen Minutes

Josie is going through an external conflict of having to see everyone after the shooting. It always takes her back that day and reminds her that things will never be the same. She hasn't really dealed with these conflicts other than crying and staying in her room by herself to try and stop the tears. Josie has many internal conflicts. One of them is trying to hide the guilt she feels. She feels responsible for the shooting that happened. She deals with this by others reminding her it is not her fault though she doesn't always believe it. I think that for what has happened to Josie she is probably dealing with this conflicts as best as she can, however I think that Josie should take action on how she feels. If she doesn't I don't think she will be able to move on much longer.
the final warning
pg 80-210
ian hopkins
conflict. the gov't kept on followin these kids around the world to try to get them to help them out. the problem was when the gov't kept on following them more unuseal stuff was happening to them when they denied the gov't for there help. so pretty much they gave up. i would do what they did to try everything stop. and plus i get the gov't help with stuff

Quarter 1 - - Week Three Blog

Kyle Weber
The Outliers - - Stories of Success
Malcolm Gladwell

An conflict in my book is the problem that Chris Langan has when going to college. He received a scholarship for a full tuition, but hit a snag. His parents did not sign a vital paper in getting his scholarship renewed for the next year. He had no choice but to drop out, seeing how he was from a low class, poverty stricken family. This is an external conflict with his mother, but there is also an internal conflict with himself. He has a brilliant mind and needs to be challenged on an everyday basis. He has to find jobs that suit him mentally, but he can't. He floats from job to job until he finally gets accepted at another university.

Face on the milk carton

The problem that Jennie  is dealing with internally is asking who are her real parents.  Some of the decisions she's making aren't the best, however the reason why she's making them is to piece together clues of who are her actual parents.  The external problem would be the character's friends telling her  that she's overreacting because she was kidnapped at such a young age.  It doesn't take long however for Jennie to piece together information that leads to her past.
Ben Siepel
The German empire between two wars
by Fife JR.
end of thine book

The book ends with the Germans just ending world war 1. Their involvement during the war has left Germany with little resources to start another war but a new rising leader will lead them back into war on his conquest for world power. The German empire went from almost nothing to one of the most powerful in the world. During world war 1 german troops were still heading into battle with guns from the united states civil war while american and french troops had fully automatic weapons. During the war many German troops picked up these weapons and used them but it was still no help and they lost. This book is a history book only for people who like these types of books.
Fallan Stark
Laurie Halse Anderson

Kate Malone has to deal with Terri who is kind of a bully. She keeps her calm and doesn't yell at her. I agree with her actions because she won't get anything accomplished if they continue to feud. I think she should stand up for herself though. Her internal conflict is that she got denied to the only college that she applied to and she becomes and insomniac and doesn't know what to do. She doesn't really have a solution. She may apply late to other schools. I think that she should have just applied to other schools in the first place. Other than that I agree that she should apply late or wait a year and apply to other schools.

Boot Camp

Garret, Pauly, and Sarah have escaped from Lake Harmony and are on the run. It is fall and they are in New York so it gets pretty cold. They have to travel at night so they are getting sick. They are trying to get to Canada where Sarah has an Aunt. The plan is to live with her for a while until they can get back on there feet.
Tyler Allison
Letters to God

In letters to God there is a big internal problem between Ty and his Cancer. He battles with brain cancer for over half of the book. Ty is dealing with this really well. He is fighting back and had surgery. After his surgery he went through two rounds of chemotherapy. I think he is being a champ and in a way, beating his cancer. A big external conflict in the book is between Maddy (mom) and Ben (oldest son). Ever since Ty got cancer he has kind of been ignored by his mom and everyone around him because all the attention was on Ty. Ben had a really hard time handling this and in the end he got mad and blew up. Maddy realized what was happening and changed that right away. All in all i think both of these conflicts were handled in the best way possible. Ben could have told his mom but i understand why he didn't. i probably would have done the same thing as him.
Denton Hopkins
Man on a Mission
by Rob Rains
end of book

In my book Tony faced an external conflict. His friend strongly encourages him not to play on a slow pitch softball team. Tony plays anyway,and throws out his arm. I do not agree with him playing ,because it hinders him for the rest of his career. His internal conflict could be that he had to decide when to retire. He decides to retire pretty early in his career. I definitley agree with that choice ,because he becomes a great manager.


pages 230 - 480

an external problem is he is about to be hung he is trying to solve tha problem by escapeing.
and an internal conflict is he wants to get married but is scaared he might get killed and break his lovers heart. he is trying to solve that problem by not putting him self in positions he might get caught and killed. and being as coutious as he can.

Quarter 1, blog 3

Rachel Crouch
Driving with Dead People
by Monica Holloway
book finished-pg.232
Monica is constantly facing internal struggles as she fights against depression and loneliness. She is also trying to find out the truth about her past and what happened to her as a young child. She also struggles with her father and mother trying to get the attention she never had as a child. She deals with all these problems with lies and by sleeping around to cover up what she is really going through. She is constantly making her life worse and blaming it on the difficult past she had.
10 things to do before I die
by Daniel Ehrenhaft
Finished the book (218)

Ted Burger is going to die. An internal conflict is that he doesn't know how to express everything he's feeling, and how to get his true self out. He starts to use the fact that he's dying as an excuse to tell people exactly how he feels, and by doing this he feels better for getting all of his feelings out. An external conflict is when Ted kisses Mark's girlfriend. Now Nikki doesn't know who she has feelings for, and Ted doesn't know how to tell Mark the truth. Nikki decides to tell Mark, and now Ted has the new problem of Mark getting mad at him. He ends up just talking things out with Mark, even though there friendship will never be the same. I think Ted shouldn't have kissed Nikki, and should have confronted Mark himself.


Pg. 251

In the story a main internal conflict is within the main character. He is trying to get his mind around all that ishmael is teaching him about the world and culture. The external conflict is what is actually happening in the world. The fact that mother culture is telling us how to do things that we wouldn't really do if culture wasn't an every day factor. Another factor is that we are running out of food to feed our entire population because our population is ever increasing and we will just keep needing to make more food. The whole book is about trying to figure out how they are going to fix all these conflicts. They found out how to fix everything but it would involve everyone working together which will not happen. I agree with his idea but it will not work.
Shelby Werts
Plain Truth

Internal Conflict-
Katie had the baby but she doesn't want to admit it. The tests showed that she did have the baby. She didnt want to be banned from the amish community. Her body couldnt handle the fact that she had a baby. She's trying to recover.
External Conflict-
All the amish people are concerned for Katie and Sam. Since it took both of them to have the baby they are both being banished. this mean theres not contact with any other Plains, even if you dont know the person but they are amish.

Katie doesnt know how to solve her problem. She's never been out in the real world and being kicked out out of the only place that you know and into a place thats not familiar and much harsher. Sam feels the same way as Katie, but he wants to be with her forever.
Every Second Counts
By Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong had cancer and an internal conflict he has to deal with is the chance of his cancer coming back. He has to worry every day about the chance of it coming back. If it comes back, then he has a very low chance to survive. That is a major internal conflict that he has to deal with every day until his 5 year anniversary. It is a very hard thing and he just tries to ride and be with his family. That is the way to he copes with his internal conflict. The major external conflict was the drug scandals that Armstrong was supposedly involved in. He was forced to take urine samples and blood work and even though the results came back negative, the media still made his life miserable because there was always a media person taking pictures and printing stories that weren't true. It is a very hard conflict that he has to deal with and he just sticks by his family and gets through it. I agree that he should stick by his family and friends to get through things because that is the best way to get through hardships.

Elizabeth Bower

The dog is getting into all lot of trouble. He is very very scared of thunderstorms. In florida they have tons of thunderstorms. Marley gets so scared he scratches at the door and the wall. He scratched so much so hard his paws start to bleed.
Another problem is john and jenny want to have another baby. They already have two kids, but their kids are growing up so fast. They are sad that their little kiddish things that they do they no longer do anymore, because they are getting older, so jenny and john want to have another baby.
Nicholas Morrison
Scar Night
One of the major external problems in the story is that Carnival, an angel, is killing the people of Deep Gate. The only reason that she is doing this is because she needs to consume a soul once a month to stay alive. The priest of Deep Gate has had one of his chemists to create this potion called Angel Wine, this will make the angel immortal and will no longer need to consume the souls of Deep Gate. The internal conflict that the priest is having about his plan is that he doesn't know if Carnival will stop killing the people even though she doesn't need to. He is consulting his advisors about the problem but some of them aren't taking it very well and threaten to tell the rest of the city about his dangerous plan.
The Wanting Seed
Internal problem- Beatrice is pregnant and it illegal to have more than one child.
External problem- Beatrice is cheating on Tristram with his brother Derek.

Beatrice runs away to save the baby and leaves Derek and Tristram and then months later she reunites with Tristram.

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

In my book the Internal problem of the story is that Silver Star the elephant that uncle Al got from another circus , is very sick and is not getting any better and he is suffering so badly that he is going to die. But they remember that there has been a problem like this in the past and they had saved an animal before . They are deciding to cut the elephants diet so it might help her .
The external part of the the story is that i think that Jacob is falling in love with Marlena and Marlena is married to August . August is getting suspicious about Jacob and Marlena relationship and beats Marlena and jacob. So Marlena leaves August and is staying at a hotel while she is not preforming. Uncle Al tells Jacob about August to of how he is Schizophrenic and then threat: that August and Marlena have to be a happily married couple or walter and camel get to be redlighted. I think that the other people on the train are going to get rid of the problem and try and get August and Marlena back together so everything can be back to normal because Jacob and Marlena's relationship is causing problems for everyone . AND THEY ARE GOING TO MAKE IT STOP OR THEY ARE GOING TO GET ON jACOBS CASE ABOUT IT

I predict that Jacob and Marlena we keep seeing each other and their relationship will continue further and August will find out and it will cause many problems. And i have some feeling that something will happen to Marlena and Jacob and then there is like some big event is going to happen and cause a lot of problems between everybody.
In my book, Stealing South, one major internal problem would be the fact Will can't control what he says to people sometimes. Like when he found out the house he was staying at was owned by slave owners, he freaked out on them and stormed off. If Will don't be more careful He will find himself in even more trouble. One external conflict is Will is having a hard time find a way to keep his passengers safe on his ride home. The last thing he would want is to be caught freeing slaves.

- jake hensley

Quarter 1, Blog 3

Pop Goes The Weasel, by James Patterson- Finished the book
Alex Cross is the main character in this book, and he doen't have very many internal conflicts compared to his external conflicts. Alex is a detective and gets caught up in a lot of the most popular cases with the most ruthless killers. His main internal conflict is when his fiance is kidnapped by a mastermind killer. He blames himself for ever asking her to marry him while he has this job. Alex was planning on quitting the job eventually, but could never bring himself to do it and now he feels like this is a consequence for not quitting. His external conflicts are plentiful, but the one that sticks out the most is the stress that his job puts on his body. Working sometimes 16 hours a day keeps growing on him, and eventually he will be too exhausted to fight crime. In the book it shows that he is fatigued by the way his mood sways and how he feels groggy all the time. He attempts to solve the problem of his fiance missing by not giving up on the case, but in turn this makes his main external conflict worse because he is not getting the rest and nutrients he needs. By solving the case it would hopefully get his fiance back and he would be able to take a break from work for a while to recuperate. I think what he is doing is the best choice, because if someone you love is missing you shouldn't give up on them. The exhaustion would be worth it in the end when you finally get them back safe and sound.
Jd Hopp
Gym Candy

The internal conflict in this book is one with in the head of Mick Johnson who has trouble believing in himself. He wants to be a great football player but he thinks hes not good enough by himself. He has to find ways to make him stand out so he turns to steroids for help to make him stronger faster and mentally tougher. This is hard to keep secret as his friends always wonder why he acts a little odd sometimes and why he is in the weight room constantly but if he is to become great he has to be stronger and fast that means less time with friends and more time working. he isnt going to stop the steroids as he thinks there needed but i think that all you need is a helping hand once and awhile and you will be fine.
If I Stay
Hanna Feller
The main internal conflict is that Mia can't decide whether to stay or die and go to heaven. As she lays in the hospital bed, in total comatos state, she can hear and see everything that is happening around her. The only problem is that she can't tell them she's really alive. She has several flashbacks of great memories with her family and it gets harder and harder for her to decide if she will stay or not. The external conflict is that she can not feel anything and no one is able to hear her. She is in acoma basically and she tells the story in her point of view, but as a ghost outside of her body. She is in grave condition from the accident and the doctors say it's a miracle if she ever wakes up. Th only way she is trying to solve her problem is to flashback to the great memories she's had and remember that she still has family even if her parents and little brother haven't survived. Many friends and distance famiyl come an visit her and tell her that it's okay if she wants to leave and go to heaven, but she is determined to fight and stay. I agree with Mia's decision. I can't say what she chooses, because it will give away the ending of the book. But at different points in the book, she has second thoughts. She thinks about how hard it would be to stay and not have parents and not be able to take care of Teddy. But she realizes that she still has family that will take care of her and be there for her no matter what.

Along Came a Spider

The external conflict is that everyone is looking for Maggie Rose. There only chance of finding her is Gary Sonjie. But Sonjie isn't letting anyone find her.

The internal conflict is inside Alex. Alex wants to save Maggie Rose, but no one from the FBI will will let him talk to Sonjie. ANd his Cheif keeps taking him off the case. And he is also falling for his partner Jezzie. So alex has a lot of problems he is facing in this book


The main internal conflict that my character has to deal with is that he has problems with taking steroids. His friend gives him pills and tells him it will help his performance and he decides to take it and never really resolves this conflict. I think that he should stand up to his friend and no worry if he gets mad at you for not taking it. The external conflict is him losing his starting position on the varsity team. This is when he resorts back to his steroids. This is all he really does to try to get his spot back and this is a bad idea. He should have tried much harder to get his spot back.
Sydney Boyle
90 Minutes in Heaven
Finished book

The biggest internal conflict was between Don Piper and himself. His accident caused him to deal with the unimaginable. He lost part of his femur, part of his arm and the ability to physically move on his own. Don was not very understanding with his condition at first. He asked God constantly why He even brought him back to this Earth. He experienced heaven and its beauty and didn't understand why God would make him come back to this imperfect planet, but over time, after prayer, Don came to realize that his accident is God's way of using him. Don's purpose in this life is to share his story with others and be a prophet for God. At first, Don did not handle it well at all, but now Don is a living angel for our Heavenly Father.
The major external conflict was between Don and his family. It was a continuous struggle for all of them in Don's long-term healing process. Eva, Don's wife, had to take on a lot more responsibility, and Don's kids were required to live with grandparents and aunts/uncles for the first six months after Don was allowed to go home. This took a toll on all of them, but in the end, all of them stated that it really a blessing in disguise because they are all a lot closer because of it. This would be really hard for me to handle, but I look up to all of them for the way they handle it. I know I couldn't have been that accepting of it.
City of Glass
Cassandra Clare

One internal conflict is inside Clary trying to decide whether or not she should attempt to prove her love for Jace because up until the end of the book she thinks that Jace is her brother but it turns out his whole upbringing was a lie and he is not actually related to her. An external conflict is between the shadowhunters and the army of demons that Valentine has summoned to fight the shadowhunters. In the end once Valentine is killed the demons disperse and the shadowhunters way of life is returned to normal.
Life as we knew it
by Susan Beth Pfeffer
pg. o-72
In my new book Miranda has just experianced what she believes might be the end of the world. An external conflict in the book would be Miranda fighting with her parents about how to live. She thinks they need to move and find a larger population of people, but her mother thinks they need to stay where they are and stock up on supplies and live as long as they can. An internal confict is between Miranda and her thoughts on her friends. Her friends have changed since the meteor hit the moon. Sammi has be living at her church and hangs out with her fellow worshippers. Megan has not be at school and Miranda wants to get in contact with her to make sure she is ok.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Elizabyth Ladwig

An internal conflict would be that Ash doesn't know who she should love-Sidhean or Kaisa. She is trying to figure out her true feelings for both of them, but it is very hard for her. An external conflict would be her stepmother and stepsisters, who treat her horribly. She tries to solve this by doing whatever they ask and not talking back. It doesn't work so well. I agree with what she's doing with her love dilemma, because she shouldn't just rash;y choose who she's going to spend the rest of her life with. I don't agree with what she's doing with her stepmother, but I guess there's not much she can do. If she talks back, she will end up on the streets with nowhere to go.
April Witch
Majgull Axelsson

An external conflict might be between the three sisters. They don't really like each other, and don't talk to each other often. An internal conflict could be all four of the women against their past. Both problems are solved by Desiree sending the three letters and bringing the sisters together. I agree with what she did, because it's really all she could do.

Quarter 1, Blog 3

Driving with Dead People
by Monica Holloway
end of book

At the end of the book Monica realizes she has an internal conflict, only she doesn't know what it is. She becomes very depressed for no reason. She has something eating at her but she doesn't know what it is. Because of this she makes bad choices, such as her boyfriends. I have never been in a situation like she is, so I don't know what I would do in her position. Her external conflict is her vs. her father. Her entire life she is abused by her father. She tries to get away from him and avoids him. Later during college she gets in a better relationship with her father. She also tries to get her father's approval which is what I would do in her position.
Cracker by Cynthia Kadohata
p. 308
An internal conflict would be Rick vs Himself. He has to push himself. He got shrapnel in his leg and has to deal with it and push himself to walk and get better faster. An external conflict would be Rick and Cracker. Rick has to ask anyone and everyone he can to see if they can help him find Cracker. He was rushed to a hospital out of Vietnam and Cracker was left in Vietnam all by himself. Cracker has to fight against the terrain of Veitnam and with herself. She has to push herself to keep going and find anyone like Rick.

Before I Fall, Finished Book, Quarter 1, Blog 3

An internal conflict in, Before I Fall," she is trying to save everybody else and even if that means killing herself in the process. Sam has 7 days to do this diffucult task. An External task is everybody wants to go to this party which in the end is where her best friends die, the "Freak" committs suicide and a lot of temptations happen at this party. Even lives are taken.
The Guardian
by: Nicholas Sparks
Finished book

One of the major external problems that the main character is faced with in this book, is the fact that she has a obsessive stoker following her and she can't get away from him. He is very dangerous and has already killed previous victims and now he is after her. She attempts to solve this problem by calling the police but they don't believe her. Then she tries to run away but he follows her. The internal problem deals with the fact that she doesn't believe herself at first that Richard is actually the stoker. She knows that he is but he seems too nice to actually be one. She finally realizes that she is right and she then goes to the police. I believe that she made the right decision of going to the police and getting them involved with this murderer. They could help her get rid of him and protect her.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tyler Book
The Road by Cormac McCarthy
Pg. 287 (end of book)

The main internal conflict for both the father are the same. They are in a situation where little hope exists and they question whether they are willing to continue to live anymore. The characters debate this throughout the book, especially the father, but he wanted to stay alive for his son. To overcome this problem, the characters thought about finding the "good guys" and they also got a lot of breaks in finding food and shelter. An external conflict would be when the father and son come across the marauders that travel the road. In one interaction, a man took their grocery cart containing all of their things and food. If they would not have found him, they would have died. To solve this, they tracked the thief down and forced him to give back the cart.
I definitely agree with their choices. They struggled at all points of the book but kept pushing on to try to find peace. I think that if they would not have went after the thief it would have been a horrible mistake and they would have paid with their lives. I believe that was a great decision.
He's Just Not That Into You
pg. 187 (end of book)
Tess Ory

An external conflict with all of these characters is that they have so many problems with the relationships they have. To fix these problems, they write letters to Greg for advice. I agree that they should write letters because they are trying to fix their relationships and they are not just giving up right away. An internal conflict is that they keep everything bottled up inside and they do not know how to express their feelings. Also, they don't always listen to Greg. I would disagree with this because he gives good advice. He tells you that you can do better then what you are doing to help you in the future. Some just ignore this and they tell Greg that they hate him. In my opinion, that is not a good idea. If someone is giving you good advice, you should take it. Most of the characters do try to fix their problems by writing to Greg and asking for good advice, and they actually use his advice to help with their problems. But, others would rather just give up and not care about what happens to them with their future relationships.
Emily Wisecup
Crocodile Tears
Anthony Horowitz
finished book

There are so many external conflicts between Alex and others it's hard to keep track of them all. He has conflicts with his caretaker Jack, about his involvement with MI6 constantly. She wishes for him to end his colaboration with him and he would love to go back to being a normal 14-year old boy but trouble seems to find him wherever he goes. Alex usually chooses the right thing to do, the option that would benifet many rather than the personal-gain option, even thought it is much safer. I agree with his decisions to help MI6 because he is being unselfish in his acts. Alex also has a conflict with himself. He never really knew his parents so he is constantly searching for answers about his past and his family. He makes some bad decisions, like working with his Godfather in the last book to find answers and the man betrays him. I understand his need for answers but I think I would be a little more careful with who i worked with.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Quarter 1, Blog 3

Tabitha Payne
TTYL by: Lauren Myracle
pg. 80-finished my book

I have just finished my book. There was a lot of conflicts throughout the story. If I were to pick an internal plot I think it would have to be what all goes on inside the girl's heads. Angela, Zoe, and Maddie all start to fight towards the end of the book. They fight with each other because they want to tell someone one thing and don't the next because they are scared what the other two girls will think. Like when Maddie had to tell Angela what happened at a party. Maddie wanted to tell her because she would understand and not freak out on her like Zoe would so Maddie tried to keep it a secret but she knew she needed to tall Zoe all about it. So she fought inside her mind on what to do and she had to think about it for a week before she finally told Zoe the whole story. An external conflict would be with the three girls and Jana Whitacker. Jana is like the snob/popular girl of the school and the three of them hate her. But when Maddie takes Jana home after school one day and didn't wait for Angela, Angela got mad at her and told Zoe and Zoe was mad because Maddie who hates Jana did a nice thing for her and Maddie got mad at Zoe and Angela because Maddie thinks that even if your best friends with two people doesn't mean that you can't have more than who is just in your little group. So Maddie, Zoe, and Angela fought for like 2 weeks and finally got resolved. The characters fixed their problems by talking to each other and actually listening to what they had to say. They fought in the process of making up but they did fix their conflicts and are still the three best friends. I do think that they did the right things because at first ya they are all best friends and should trust each other and seek advice but also they are their own person and if they were meant to be best friends then they would eventually make up and solve their problems.

Quarter 1, Blog 3

Roses are Red
James Patterson
end of the book

The main internal conflict in the book was with Alex Cross. He would constantly wonder what the mastermind would do next and how many people would be his victims. Cross couldn't figure out who this man was or how he was completing these perfect crimes. The external conflict is with the mastermind and how to catch him. No one knows where he will strike next or who he will take hostage. He is always two steps ahead of Cross, which means that by the time Cross thinks he knows the answer, something new shatters all his ideas. Alex Cross is attempting to solve these conflicts by catching the mastermind. I agree with this because catching the mastermind is the only way that they mass murders will go away.


my book CUT by Patricia
a internal problem that callie has is that she cuts to realieve her pain from her depression. she could deal with that better by begianing to talk to people. which she does start and starts to feel normal.
a external problem is that she feels out of place at sea pines which is a mental hospital. theres noone in there for the problem she has. she could deal with that problem by talking kinda like her internal problem.

Quarter 1, Blog 3

Blue Moon
Alyson Noel
Pg. 133

I have started my second book for this quarter. So far in this book, Ever has come across one major problem. Ever has been with Damen for quite some time now after learning that Damen and her are immortal. All of a sudden, Damen comes up with headaches, sweats, and feeling sick. The only problem with that is, immortals don't get sick ever. Ever is more worried about Damen than ever when she finds that he stopped talking to her, calls her a spaz, and she can see his aura and hear his thoughts. To solve this problem, Ever visits the mystical land of Summerland to look for answers and why Damen is this way. There is not much else Ever can do to solve this problem because you can't just go up to anyone and ask why your immortal boyfriend is ill and acting this way. I think it is the only way for Ever to deal with this situation.

Mercy By: Jodi Picoult

Ariana Jackson
Pages: 157-264
Cam has caught himself cheating on his wife he tells Allie(his wife) nothing about it. Mia says she loves Cam and Cam says he loves her back. He's been going behind Allie's back everyday stopping to see Mia at the hotel to "make love". Allie had gone off to talk to witnesses for the trial gone three days. Mia stays at Cam's till she returns. All going well tell Cam's mother walks in on Mia and Cam together in the house laying on the ground together messing around. Cam has to come clean to Allie now but he can't find the words to say it.
I think Cam is wrong for not telling Allie and more importantly wrong for even wanting to be with another women.

Brandon's Post

Finished my book lets just say Bob Knight needs to stick with coaching and not writing books. The book was terrible and had no meaning or no point to it. It went no where and it went no where fast! This I can honestly say is the worst book I have ever read. So i highly do not recommend this book to anyone it was terrible and i don't want anyone to ever read it.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Batboy
Mike Lupica
Pg. 53
I am not to far into my second book so there hasn't been a whole lot of problems. I would say an internal problem would be that Brian has to work as the Detroit Tigers, and play his own baseball games at the same time. Brian has to choose which activity he would rather do. Brian decides to solve this by having his coach, and his boss, work out a schedule to where Brian could still work, but attend a large majority of baseball games. I believe this is a good way to solve the problem. An external problem would be that Brian's mom doesn't care a lot about baseball. Brian really like to go to the games and she does not. Brian gets this job as a batboy so it allows his mo to only drop him off on certain days, then she doe not have to stay for the whole game. Being the batboy is how he chooses to resolve the problem. I think it is an ok way, although his mom still has to make the time to drop him off.
Megan Algreen
13 Reasons Why
Jay Asher
Page. 56

An internal problem in my book is of a boy named Clay Jensen who is having trouble keeping a secret that absolutely no one can know about. He was given tapes to listen to that have 13 reasons on why Hannah Baker decided to kill herself. He is having trouble of not telling anyone because Hannah was already dead and this was a big deal because he is about to find out why he is one of the reasons she killed herself and he is having internal thoughts on whether to keep this to himself or tell someone because Hannah said specifically in her tapes that anyone who listens to these tapes can not say a single word about it to anyone. He is struggling keeping this a secret from everyone and only keeping it to himself. An external problem is what the book is surrounded by and that is Hannah Baker's death. No one expected her death and it just happened her whole family is upset and it is different not having her around at school anymore. A lot of people are upset that she is not around anymore. Her teachers leave her desk empty in order to remember her because she was a very nice girl and someone who got along with just about anyone. No one can solve this problem now that she is dead, there is nothing no one can do about it, however, they will help solve on the reasons why she decided to kill herself. This will not help her come back to life though, everyone who is talked about on the tapes is responsible for her death. I do not beleive that Hannah should have killed herself because it sounds like in the book she had an okay life and I do not think you can only put 13 reasons on why you decided to kill yourself there would have to be more reasons, however that was her decision. I am not very far into the book yet, and I have only read 2 out of the 13 reasons on why she killed herself, so maybe for the reasons to come will tell me just exactly why she killed herself because she has not convinced me yet on exactly why she did this tragic thing.

Brandon's Post

In the pages I read it was talking about how Bob Knight was the coach of Texas Tech and how many rings he had gotton while he was the coach for them he had a very big attitude problem though he had broken clip boards, thrown chairs across the basketball court, and gotton ejected from many games. But in the end after it all I guess in a way it was kinda worth it because he has many rings and titles to prove how good of a coach he was. I'm almost done with it so we'll find out how it ends.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Book Blog

Paige Boston
Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire by JK Rowling
pg 127

My main character is Harry Potter, a 14 year old wizard who survived the most powerful Dark Wizard in the world, Lord Voldemort, when he was only a year old. Though he is a very unusual boy, Harry tries to act as if he is normal, and can get angry and frustrated when people try to treat him differently (both in good and bad ways). Harry's positive traits are that he is brave, intelligent, and kind to others, who in turn befriend him and can help him through challenges that he faces. His main negative trait is his anger issues, which can cause him to jump to conclusion and not think for himself.
Caleb B.
P. 98

The protagonist, who doesn't have a name, is a very witty guy. He is adventerous and curious to learn from Ishmael. You can tell this because he went out on a limb to accept the ad that was posted in the newspaper. His bad traits are that he was hard to teach at the beginning. He slowly started to become a better learner as the days passed. His traits are affecting the plot because it is affecting how well and how quickly he can learn from Ishmael about culture.

Dear John

The good traits the protagonist, John, has is that he a heart and always strives for what he wants, he is loyal, and he admits when he is wrong. These traits are mostly revealed through his conversations with Savannah but they are also in his thoughts since he is the narrator of the book. The funny thing about John is his good traits can also be his bad traits, because sometimes what he wants leads him into things he doesn't really want. This keeps the plot going because some of the choices he makes completely takes the plot in a different direction which totally changes the end of the book.
The Wanting Seed
Beatrice is the protaganist,+ She is good at heart, she is succesfull, - She is having an affair with her husbands brother, she is very impatient, she is angry at the doctors office when her son dies. She lives a pretty good life, but lives with guilt from the affair, Tristram is getting suspicious about Beatrice and his brothers meetings.
Nicholas Morrison
Scar Night
Dill, the protagonist, has only a few good traits in this book so far. He is honest, and determined, but most of all he is proud to be the last angel in his messed up world. On the other side he is very clumsy and "has no authority in his voice" pg. 78. In his clumsiness, he has destroyed an angel skeleton. This really hasn't affected the plot so far.
My main character is Mick Johnson a kid who has been playing football all his life. He is a nice guy that never picks fights and usually follows the rules. If he had any bad traits it would be he is a little cocky at times but other than that he is fine.

Along Came a Spider

Erika Lange
Alex Cross's positive traits are that he gets involved in all of the cases that he is working on. At the beginning of the novel he is realy involved in a rape murder case that took place in the projects of Washingtion DC. Now that he was put on the kiddnapping case he is amagining the two kids as his own kids and he really wonts to get them back. But, his negitive trait is that he is really depressed by the death of his wife Maria 4 years ago. He is upset the he couldn't say goodbye to her before she died. The traits affect the plot because he can't help but put himself into the cases, because that is the best way he solves the cases.
Ian Hopkins

OK they were at thisfureal for his stepbrother that died. So after that the govermenjt started to take a look at them. Pretty soon they didn't realize that the goverment want to look out for them. So the goverment set up this meeting for them to talked to them about it. They said they didn't want help from the goverment because they knew thAt there always strings attach to thing. So they denied the oppertunity for them to look after them. as soon as they did that they left and order soom pizza. and all the sudden the pizza was a bomb and explode. So they left a took cover because they knew someone was after them.

I predict that that person is going to find them.

Week 2 Blog

Kyle Weber
The Outliers

In one of the chapters in my book, Chris Langan is the protagonist. His positive traits are that he is very smart. His IQ is above Einstein's and he has been called the smartest man in the world. His negative traits include being from a middle class family that doesn't appreciate or value education. That being said, he didn't get to continue his scholarship because his mother didn't return the forms with her signature that were required. He is also laid back, which is good and bad at times.



pgs 26-170

the positive traits of will scarlet is that he is loyal and when he is even about to die he doesnt tell where or how to find the raven king. And he doesnt complain about how much work he does. some negitive traits is that he is arragant he thinks he is better then most people at shooting a bow. it affects the plot because if he told them where and how to catch the raven king the book would be short and boring.
Garryson Ridgely
The Deathly Hallows
Harry is the protagonist in the book, and his traits consist of: bravery, selflessness, outgoing, and strong minded. Outgoing can sometimes be a negative trait for him, because sometimes he really goes out of his way to help other people or try and protect them when he should be more worried about his safety. The traits are revealed through his actions against Lord Voldemort, and through how he acts around the ones he loves. The traits name him as the hero, and back up the nickname. He becomes the "good guy" in the story because he has these positive traits.

Elizabeth Bower

Marley and Me
by: John Grogan.
The protagonist in my book is Marley, the dog. He isn't all that well behaived but he does show signs of a hero, in a way. When Jenny lost her baby, and was very sad about the fact that she was not going to be having it, Marley was right there by her side comforting her in her time of grief. Marley is a very big hyper dog that scares most people when they first meet him. Because of that Marley makes a great gaurd dog. The neighborhood that they live in isn't quiet the greatest. There was a murder that took place right across the street from them, so having Marley around keeps them safe and makes them feel at ease. Some of the negative traits Marley has is that he isn't very good at listen and obeying commands. He is a overly hyper dog that like to get into lots of trouble.

Gone With Wind By Margaret Mitchell

Gone With The Wind is a book based on the civil war era. Scarlett O'Hare is a young girl who lost her mother in the middle of the book. As she tries to piece things together, it becomes harder and harder for her to keep it together.   I would reccomend this book to people who like reading about events that had impact on society.

Plian Truth By Jodi Picoult
Pg. 8-23
Katie was going to get questioned about the baby that was found, but she ran off. It jumped to a girl who is a lawyer. She;s guilty about winning her last case because she knew the guy was guilty but she was his lawyer and he didnt want to loose the case. She talked about how every summer she would go to Paradise, Pennsylvania to see her aunt Leda. Leda was Amish but then she chose to live in the normal world and was banned from almost everything Amish. But when Ellie was a little girl both of them went to get sweet corn at a tent and the man there was Amish so Ellie had to pay for the corn because Leda couldn't give her money to the man because it was aganist the rules. So after Ellie won her case she told a trip to Paradise. Her aunt Leda enbraced her just as if she was a little 11 year old girl again. Once they got to Leda's house Ellie settled down in a chair in Leda's kitchen and then Leda got a call and told Ellie that she had to go take care of something.

Precidiction: Leda is actually part of the Amish family that the baby was born.
The Guardian
By: Nicholas Sparks
pg. 119

The main character in this book, Julie, is a very positive person. She is very trustworthy and believes everyone is a good person. This is also a negative trait as well, because her best friend tries to warn her about her boyfriend, but she doesn't allow herself to believe that he is a bad person. These traits are revealed through the way she talks and acts toward others. It is also revealed through the terrible guys she dates and the things she does because she believes they are good. This allows the plot to have more action and conflict.
Book: City of Glass
Author: Cassandra Clare

The protagonist is Clary Fray and she has many negative and positive traits. Some of her positive traits are the fact that she is a genuinely kind person and is nice to everyone even if they aren't nice to her. She also has the ability to bring out the best in people without really trying, this is especially evident in how she makes the usually cold and unfriendly Jace into a sensitive man who actually care what others think. One of her less positive traits is the fact that she is incredibly naive about peoples feelings toward her. She nearly lost her bestfriend because of the fact that she didn't realize that how madly in love with her he was. Luckily he was very understanding and unlike most teenage boys. These traits are apparent throughout the entire book and both previous books and is mixed in throughout the story. Either there is action such as fighting demons and other downworlders or you there is drama of a different variety being the drama about who Clary should choose to have as a boyfriend either Jace or Simon.

Quarter 1, Blog 2

Book: Lousinia
Author: Kathleen Duey
Page: 175

Madeline had some negative traits such as she listened to whatever her mother or father told her. She really never had her own opinion until the end of the book. Some positive was standing up to her Father in the end of the book. She told her parents that she loved another man and that she is going to marry him. No matter what the consquences may be.

Nellie Wilson

Quater 1 blog 2

Rachel Crouch
Driving with Dead People
Monica Holloway
pg. 73
Monica is the main character in my book and she is an interesting one. All she ever wanted was a father that loved her and was there for her, but her father is far from loving. If she were to even spill her milk at breakfast her father would cuss her out and hit her hard enough to knock her off her seat. Through all the abuse her most positive aspect is that she doesn't talk back to people in authority. Of course, if she did her father would beat her to a pulp. Her worse aspect is that she lies constantly to get attention and its her personal way of dealing with her home life. She shows these traits every day by fearing authority and lying to the kids around her. It makes her seem like a shy, untruthful girl.

Brandon's post

Not alot has happened or changed in my book. Still Bob Knight being Bob Knight. Great coach terrible author. His main focus obviously is coaching basketball and fishing. In the chapter that im in now its pretty cool i guess because he is talking about how he coach or really just gave Michael Jordan some pointers. MJ is the greatest and most respected basketball player ever. Bob Knight is lucky guy because he gave MJ pointers on how to improve his game. So i guess in a way im kind of looking forward to reading more of it and the chapters to come but not really because he will go from talking about something cool like this and then totally change it to something completly random and off topic so we will see whats to come.
Aly Tekippe


By Chris Crutcher

Pg. 71-305

The main charecters name is Ben. He is a senior at a small highschool in the middle od Idaho. Ben has a rare blood disease that will kill him by the end of the school year. He doesn't tell anyone because he wants to live a normal life. Ben's good personality make him enjoyable in class and a friend to everyone in the school. Once Ben finds out he is going to die, he starts to take more risks because he thinks he has nothing to lose. He starts messing with his teachers and calling them racist because they believe that racism is dead in America. He also doesn't tell anyone about his condition and that makes people very angry when he finally does tell them. Ben is a good person that has made a few bad decisions recently because he feels he has nothing to lose.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tyler Allison

Letters to God

Pg 52? - 95

The protagonist in my book is hard to pick out, but im going to go with Ty. He is a 7 year old boy that is always looking at the positive end of things. For instance, his dad died a couple years back and its Christmas eve. Him and his brother are laying in bed because they always sleep together on that night so neither one of them gets to the presents first. When they are laying down to go to sleep Ty asks his brother Ben if he wants to pray and Ben says no because he thinks that if God really loved them that he wouldn't have taken there father away. Ty responds to this with a very positive answer, he says that God does everything for a reason and it didn't happen just to make them sad. He continues to talk him through it. I honestly don't think that this trait hurts him and i really havn't noticed anything negative about his behavior yet. If he stays this way in the book i think it will keep bringing a lot of light to the plot.
Every Second Counts
By Lance Armstrong
Pg. 41 to 82

The protagonist is Lance Armstrong. You may have already got that figured out by the title, but I am just clarifying it. Lance is a strong and courageous father of Luke, Grace, and Isabelle. His passion for biking can be described by this quote that came from this book on pg. 62, "Trouble is, you're going to lose more than you're going to win, no matter who you are. Most of us overreact when we lose, and over celebrate when we win, and I'm no exception. I have a love-hate relationship with losing: it makes me brooding and quarrelsome. But the fact is, a loss is its own inevitable lesson, and it can be just as valuable as a victory in range of experiences, if you'll examine it." He is a very outgoing character. He is so determined in the sport of cycling but he also balances his life out. He spends about an equal amount of time with his children. He had an accident while training on a very curvy, narrow road. He was riding around a curve and he was leading his group when a car came flying around the curve and smashed into him. He fractured his neck. He wanted to compete in the Olympics that year and he did. The doctors didn't recommend it but he was determined to ride. He ended up getting third and he tried his hardest and that is what he deserved. He was very disappointed but his wife, Kik, told him that she was proud of him and his accomplishment. He is stubborn. He was t stubborn to realize that she loved him even though he got third and didn't reach his goal. The stubbornness is a negative trait. He should be grateful that he even got to compete since earlier in that year he fractured his neck and the doctor told him that he had a very little chance to compete in the Olympics, but he was t determined and went right back to training even though it was very painful. Lance is an amazing character that is very inspirational to me. Most of his traits that stand out in the book are revealed during the cycling sport. The way he deals with his problems and how he reacts helps mold his character traits. These traits affect the plot by giving the plot more emotion. Lance could just describe the events that he has to go through and all the drug testing he has to do, but he chose to use emotion and describe the things him and his family has to go through to be able to live day to day in the sport of cycling. This book is so amazing! if anyone knows any other book that might be like this Lance Armstrong book, let me know because I am looking for a book that is similar to this one for my second reading book for the first quarter. Lance Armstrong doesn't write a bunch of books so I am looking for a different book by an inspiring athlete.
He's Just Not That Into You
Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo
pg. 135
The protagonist of this book is Greg, and he has several positive traits about him. He helps people (mostly girls) everyday to overcome their relationship problems. Women write to him all the time and he always responds. They tell him about the problems they are having in their relationship and he helps them overcome them. Greg will usually tell them that they don't need to be in a relationship like that and "he's just not that into you." He helps girls get out of crumby relationships and helps them to realize that their is someone better for them out there. He also has negative qualities. Women always tell him that they are so in love with a guy but he's just doing something wrong, and Greg always tells them that he's just not into you and that you should be out of that relationship. I think he could say something different to help them be able to stick together. These traits are revealed with all the letters he writes. He writes several letters to women all the time full of advice and his opinions. These traits affect the plot because if he didn't say these things to women then their would be no point to write a letter to him, which is basically what this book is full of. If it wasn't for Greg, there would be a lot more women in bad relationships.
The Road
By Cormac McCarthy
Pg. 90

The protagonist is the father and his traits are very simple. He is very protective and ready is how I would describe him. He feels that his mission is to keep his son safe and he has to be ready for any opportunity or bad thing that may happen to them. His negative traits are that he is a risk taker and he is lonesome. He does things that could either hurt him and his son or help them, but it is risky. He reveals these traits as they encounter new problems or opportunities. Every time they have a chance to get food or they find a town where there could be people, they take the risk and try to get help. The man also used his protectiveness to kill one of the marauders who tried to take his son. So far all of his traits have been used for his benefit.
Fallan Stark
Laurie Halse Anderson
page 124

The protagonist, Kate Malone, is smart, nice, and polite. She is also fairly passive, and reserved. Her positive traits also act as her negative traits sometimes. The house of the bully in her grade burned down and so the bully, Terri and her 2 year old brother are forced to live with them. Terri is very blunt and harsh to Kate and she annoys Kate to no end. When Terri barks orders at her she is to nice or polite to tell Terri that she has no right to be talking to her like she does. Kate is very reserved and is ignoring her friends ever since she got rejected to the only college she applied to. They worry about her. Her traits build her character. Without them we wouldn't have an understanding of how she is or how she responds to situations. We also wouldn't know how others react to her.
Elizabyth Ladwig
The protagonist in my book is Ash. Her positive traits are that she is kind, smart, and very humble. But those are also her negative traits. She is too kind to tell her "evil stepmother" off when she should and too humble to think that she deserves a better life than the one she has now. You don't see too much of these traits in the beginning of the book, but they come out when Ash is forced to be her stepmother and stepsister's servant. They make the whole plot. If Ash thought more of herself she would've just left her stepmother's house and found somewhere else to stay. Without them, there would be no story.
April Witch
Majgul Axelsson
pg 193

I suppose the protagonist is Desiree, but it's hard to tell with the way the story is written. Some of her positive traits are that she is incredibly smart (she reads books by people like Stephen Hawking), and she is an april witch. Her obvious negative trait is that she is so crippled she can't move or talk. She is also a very jealous person, especially towards her "sisters", but this is pretty understandable. These traits are pretty much the entire reason for the plot. If she didn't have them, there really wouldn't be a story.
Man on a Mission
by Rob Rains
Pg. 45
Denton Hopkins
My protagonist is Tony LaRussa. His positive traits are that he's very talented and intelligent when it comes to baseball. His negative traits are that he sometimes has an ill-temper. His temper isn't near as bad as his childhood friend Lou Pinella. (Now the cubs manager) Tony and Lou were able to play in the pony league world series as 15 year olds and were runner-up after Lou could not play in the final two games....he almost fell off a cliff.

Crocodile Tears
Anthony Horowitz
pg 57

Alex Rider is a very complicated boy. At only 14 he has been the main agent in over 5 major spy operations. He is patient and cooperative with the world's secret intelegence agencies. This is definately important. If he didn't cooperate with them he'd probably be thrown in jail. He knows too much about MI6 to be just a normal teenager anymore. Unfortunately for Alex's caretaker, Jack (she's a girl), he has a very adventurous side. His curiosity and need for answers leads him to take on jobs many adults couldn't even accomplish. This pushes him into extreme situations that keep the book interesting and full of detail.