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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Storm Breaker
Anthony Horowitz

So far there's not much I have in common with the book. The setting is England and the main character, Alex is a 14 year old boy. Alex's parents died in a plane crash and mine are still fine. Alex is being raised by his uncle, which could happen to me if my parents died because my aunt and uncle are my godparents. Alex also has a female caretaker named Jack who is from America. She's a redhead who originally was only supposed to stay for a while but now Alex's uncle dies so she's going to have to stay longer than she had planned.

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  1. How/why did his parents die is a plane crash? Was the crash caused on purpose? This book sounds like an interesting book...Isn't this from the Alex Rider Series? It sounds like an interesting series and I hope you enjoy this book.


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