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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Quarter 1, Blog 5

For One More Day
Mitch Albom

Tabitha Payne

The setting of my book is from the late 1900's, from like 1949 from when the guy was born to 1973 at this point in my book. It takes place in Pepperville Beach(doesn't say where that is located). It is always sunny and warm in Pepperville according to what the book describes. To me it sounds like it is on the coast of maybe a California or Arizona where it is hot and sunny most of the year. It says his house is on a hill maybe and sits on the beach. I can picture parents and kids playing in the dry, scratchy sand, splashing in the cold water and screaming. It sounds like the grass is always a perfect shade of green and always trimmed. The house he lives in sounds huge and roomy, with a kitchen that looks out across the ocean or lake. If the setting changed I think it wouldn't affect the story much except for when he goes to the beach and tries to hurt himself but other than that i think any setting would be fine.


  1. I want to live there! :)
    What do you mena by he tries to hurt himeself?

  2. I would love to have a chance to just be able to experience the life style back in the 1900's. It would be so cool to see what life was like. I also agree with Hanna, It would be awesome to live in a place as warm as that.


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