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Friday, September 24, 2010

Please stop laughing at me. Jodee Blanco

My book is about a girl who is tortured by students in her class because she sticks up for some of the people that arent as smart or arent as good looking as the rest of them. Basically she sticks up for the social outcast and she gets punished for it. This relates to me because believe it or not i was the big meanie in elementary school. I was really mean to my classmates just because none of them wanted to "play" with me. I was always left out when it came to birthday parties and other social events. I made fun of cheerleaders and the "jocks" because i was jealous of the things they had and I didnt. I got made fun of all the time and i beat people up for it. Basically as one way to refer to me is as the "Georgia" in elementary. People hated on me because of how I treated them. It was my own fault but i acted like they hated me for no reason and I didnt understand. I remember sitting at home while one of my fellow peers went out and I was never invited. I never understood why i was treated this way until i came to Earlham. Here I am somebody. I have the worlds greatest friends ad i appreciate what they do for me. :)

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  1. This book sounds like it might be good. How is she "punished" for sticking up for people?


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