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Friday, September 17, 2010

Quarter 1 - - Week Three Blog

Kyle Weber
The Outliers - - Stories of Success
Malcolm Gladwell

An conflict in my book is the problem that Chris Langan has when going to college. He received a scholarship for a full tuition, but hit a snag. His parents did not sign a vital paper in getting his scholarship renewed for the next year. He had no choice but to drop out, seeing how he was from a low class, poverty stricken family. This is an external conflict with his mother, but there is also an internal conflict with himself. He has a brilliant mind and needs to be challenged on an everyday basis. He has to find jobs that suit him mentally, but he can't. He floats from job to job until he finally gets accepted at another university.

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  1. What are the colleges? What college would you choose? Whats he going to college for?


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