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Friday, September 17, 2010

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

In my book the Internal problem of the story is that Silver Star the elephant that uncle Al got from another circus , is very sick and is not getting any better and he is suffering so badly that he is going to die. But they remember that there has been a problem like this in the past and they had saved an animal before . They are deciding to cut the elephants diet so it might help her .
The external part of the the story is that i think that Jacob is falling in love with Marlena and Marlena is married to August . August is getting suspicious about Jacob and Marlena relationship and beats Marlena and jacob. So Marlena leaves August and is staying at a hotel while she is not preforming. Uncle Al tells Jacob about August to of how he is Schizophrenic and then threat: that August and Marlena have to be a happily married couple or walter and camel get to be redlighted. I think that the other people on the train are going to get rid of the problem and try and get August and Marlena back together so everything can be back to normal because Jacob and Marlena's relationship is causing problems for everyone . AND THEY ARE GOING TO MAKE IT STOP OR THEY ARE GOING TO GET ON jACOBS CASE ABOUT IT

I predict that Jacob and Marlena we keep seeing each other and their relationship will continue further and August will find out and it will cause many problems. And i have some feeling that something will happen to Marlena and Jacob and then there is like some big event is going to happen and cause a lot of problems between everybody.

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