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Friday, September 17, 2010

Shelby Werts
Plain Truth

Internal Conflict-
Katie had the baby but she doesn't want to admit it. The tests showed that she did have the baby. She didnt want to be banned from the amish community. Her body couldnt handle the fact that she had a baby. She's trying to recover.
External Conflict-
All the amish people are concerned for Katie and Sam. Since it took both of them to have the baby they are both being banished. this mean theres not contact with any other Plains, even if you dont know the person but they are amish.

Katie doesnt know how to solve her problem. She's never been out in the real world and being kicked out out of the only place that you know and into a place thats not familiar and much harsher. Sam feels the same way as Katie, but he wants to be with her forever.

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  1. So what exactly is a "Plain" person and why can't Katie and Sam have contact with them?? or can Katie and Sam only have contact with "Plain" people?? Why hasn't Katie ever been out in the real world?? What's so bad about having a baby?? I'm so confused....


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