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Friday, September 24, 2010

Blog 4....Tyler Allison

Ark Angel
Anthony Horowitz
pgs 1 - 50

the only way i can really relate to my book is that i have been fourteen and i am a boy, other than that it is hard to relate to because it is so out there. I can relate it though to the world around us. My book started out where Alex is in the hospitle and he is recovering from getting shot. Alex is a secret agent and is only fourteen years old. I think that there are secret agents all over the place that work undercover. There are lots of people who get hurt from things that have to be kept secret. This is what alex has to do. Also i can relate this book to the other Anthony Horowitz books i have read. In most of his books there is a ton of action and fighting like in this one. I have read all of the Rider series up to this book and they all have alex getting hurt and going on missions. My book is good right now but i havnt gotten very far into it.


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  1. This book sounds really cool. How did Alex become a secret agent so young? You can relate it to when we use to fake secret agents when we were like 10 lol. And i think he sounds like a fareway worker, so you could relate there too


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