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Friday, September 24, 2010

Return to Paradise
Simone Elkeles.
Finished book.

Caleb is like many students in high school because he drinks under age because of peer pressure, but he knows what he's doing is wrong. His relationship with his sister is a lot like many sybling relationships in the fact that when one of them is in trouble, they help each other out. Maggie is like many victims, because she plays the victim and sees her dissability as a reason to act depressed. The book plot is like many teenage romances, just with a slight twist to the story of how they found each other.


  1. I like your thoughts. I wonder why the character doent change what he is doing wrong if he knows he is doing it wrong?

  2. I completely agree with the issues that are going on. Why does he keep drinking when he knows it is wrong? I agree with the siblings thing. I lve my brother and we help each other out when we need someone to talk to. I think it is good for a kid to have at least one sibling.


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