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Friday, September 24, 2010

The Lost Boy
By Dave Pelzer
pg. 1 to 33

Soceity today can be very tough on people such as Dave Pelzer. He lives in a house where he is called "It." He doesn't have the greatest life but at least he has a house that he lives in. Some people in society today don't have a place to go and don't have any family members left in their family. People suffer and die every day from all kinds of things including depression because of certain circumstances in their life. Dave Pelzer is a young boy whose mother is almost like a monster. She makes him stay in the bathroom with a bucket of ammonia and clorox until he almost passes out. It is sad but I'm sure there could be worse. A lot of bad things happen in socitey and life can be rough at times.


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  2. I feel bad for Dave. Life can and will get tough at times. You just have to make sure you put your best foot forward, always. It is sad that if you can't trust your own parents.

  3. I have always wanted to read this book


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