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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hot Hand
Mike Lupica
Pg 165 (End of Book)
The trait Billy reveals the most is that he has to step up as a brother. His parents had divorced so Billy knows he needs to be the man of the house, especially since his mom is never home. When Ben gets beat up by Zeke the Geek, Billy beats Zeke up. He is always looking out for Ben, and asking him how he is doing. When it comes down to the championship game, and Bens piano recital fall on the same day, Billy is there for Ben. Billy also portrays a bit of a team player in some parts of the book. When Billy always wants to make the winning shot of the game, he thinks about his team, and giving them an equal opportunity. But on the other side, He is a bad team player. Billy is always wanting to make the last shot, he even wants to be the only shooter. Billy didn't show up to the Championship game until 4th quarter. Also, when his dad benched him for a game, Billy didn't show up to support the team. I have already explained how he revealed all these. Billy really plays with the plot in this story. You would think that he would have gone to the championship game, instead of the recital. When his dad suspends him from a game, that made the plot change from thinking he would play but he didnt even go.
Dear John
Nicholas Sparks
Pg. 220

The protagonist in my book is John. The positive traits about him is that he is dedicated to his country and has served in the army over the last several years. He treats women with respect and never treats them badly. He always tries to help people in anyway he can. His dad has just passed away, but a couple months earlier he has spent a lot of time with his dad which i think is good because his dad really needed it and that means that John is really dedicated to his family and also to Savannah. He also is a very good leader! Some negative traits he has is that he can have a temper sometimes and gets mad real easily. In his past he use to behave really bad, but ever since he had met Savannah he can't quite get angry as much. Overall, his positive behaviors outweigh his negative behaviors. These traits are revealed by the way he treats Savannah, he is so nice to her and he even said that he can't ever be mad at her because he loves her so much. He sends her letters while he is in the army and that means that he genuinely cares for her. It said in the beginning of the book that he use to drink all the time and not have good behavior, but throughout this book you can tell he has changed. The plot is affected because he cares for Savannah deeply and now Savannah is married to someone else, this makes the plot interesting because you don't know whether he is trying to get with Savannah or just leave her alone since she has moved onto someone else.
Quarter 1, Blog 2
TTYL Pg. 32-56

The positive traits are she gets a long with everyone and never causes a fight. Her negative traits are that she gives her opinion all the time whether it is good or bad. The traits are revealed through herself and her home life. They affect the plot in what she does and the choices she makes to go with them.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Quarter 1, Week 2

My book that I was reading is called Louisiana Hurricane. Mardeline is to marry her parnets choice husband. Her Father has Cajuns to come and clean up the plantation after the hurricanes hit. She falls in love with one. Her choosen husband tries to kill the Cajuns because of Mardeline and him are in love. The Cajun and Mardeline end up getting marries poor, happy and more in love than ever.
My book is The german empire between two wars. In the book they are talking about a war between german and french people. The war is just starting and it happens before world war one.

Brandon Read

The setting of my book takes place so far in a lot of places its been in a gym, his house, but most of all when he is fishing all Bob Knight talks about is how he loves coaching and fishing those are his two favorite things to do. He has been a coach of many great teams he is a very good strict coach but its ok because all of his rings show that because he has so many championship rings. Im looking forward to finishing this book i guess in a way some of this book has just been terrible like you can tell that he is a better basketball coach then he is a author. But I will still see how much he improves hopefully.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Week 1

Plain Truth By Jodi Picoult.
This book jumps around a lot, but so far, there was a girl that was having a dream about her sister Hannah. She was under a sheet of ice and was scraping to get out, then she woke up and realized it was a dream. She felt pains in her stomach and ran out side to the barn by her house and ended up giving birth to a baby. She didnt want to feed it becuase then she thought that it would all become a reality. She cut the ambilical cord and then tied it off with hay bail twine. She pick up the baby and and accidentaly fell asleep. When she woke up the baby and the siccors were gone. Then it jumped to an Amoish boy at age 16. waking up at 4:00 A.M. to go work on the farm. He started messing around with another boy and he got pushed into manuer. He had to go up the the house in the mud room and grab new cltohes. When he went to grab the green shirt he realized that there was a baby in it. At first he thought it was still alive and then checked it's pulse and there was nothing. The police and a detective were called out to the amish family's house.
The same girl that was dreaming about her sister and gave birth to the baby is one of the amish girls on the farm that!!!
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
JK Rowling
pg 391

In my book, Harry, Ron and Hermione have ventured out to the Whomping Willow to stop Sirius Black. Lupin joins them, and explains that Black did not kill Harry's parents, but was set up by their other friend Peter Pettigrew, who is now Ron's rat Scabbers. Snape comes to get everyone in trouble, but the Harry, Ron and Hermione knock him out. Scabbers is forced to transform into Pettigrew, and everyone begins heading back to the castle. Lupin, who is a werewolf, sees the full moon and transforms. I think that Lupin will accidentally kill someone while he is a wolf, and Peter will get away from the group as a rat.

Denton Hopkins

Man on a Mission
Rob Rains
P. 20
Tony LaRussa is known in the major leagues. When asked about him players around the league have on of two thoughts. "Manager that I would most like to play for" or "Manager I would least like to play for". The man who wrote the foreward in this book, Joe Buck, calls him the most misunderstood man in baseball. Who's the most misunderstood woman? (That's not important, Chad) Although, a very stern person Tony cares more about his players than any other manager.
I predict that next Rob Rains will talk about Tony's childhood. Afterall, most biographies in chronological order.
Quarter 1
Week 1
Cody Benton
The Wanting Seed by Anthony Burgess
Page 20

Beatrice-Joanna is very mad that her son died. She blames doctors for not saving him on purpose. She thinks they want to use his body as phosphorus for earth. Beatrice is skeptical towards the doctors because there is an over population of humans. Tristram is Beatrice's Husband. He is a teacher that is very hard to follow because he uses big words and talks fast. He talks about Anglo-Saxons and how they started there Government.

I think Beatrice will go crazy on the doctors and be sent to jail for harassment. Tristram's student will get frustrated with him and drop his class because he is a bad teacher.
Nicholas Morrison
Scar Night pgs 1-50

My book setting is in a city hanging from thick chains and ropes. In this city is a man that has lost his daughter and his wife, to have both of the corpses taken care of and baried by the church he has to carry them from his house to the church. When he took his wife to the church they accepted her because she still had her soal in her body. But when he took his daughter to the church they would bot accept her because she had been "bleed out" and that "her soal no longer resided in her body". These accusations made the man very upset, pushing him to assault a guard and take his daughter away from the church. The only other way to dispose of his daughter was to drop her into the abys, the edge of the city that drops off into no where.

Boot Camp

So far in my book Garret has gotten kidnapped and has been sent to a place called Lake Harmoney. It is a place that parents send their disrespectful kids to learn how to respect their elders. He is finding out all kinds of things about the place and how they operate. His parents also signed a waver stating that the counselors can use as much force as they need to keep the kids in line. This also includes beating them for no reason. Prediction; I think that eventually some of the kids will try to make and escape plan and get out of there.

Kyle's Post

Kyle Weber
Outliers pgs 1-100

My book is a series of chapters that have no relavance to the others. In the most recent chapter, the author discussed with the readers about geniuses, and why some geniuses are able to succeed in different situations. The examples given were Chris Langan and Robert Oppenheimer. This book is the story of success. It discusses why people achieve in some areas, and the reasons that thy succeed, such as in basketball or Canadian born hockey players.
So far in my book the football team has played two games and have won both. There two top quarterbacks have gotten injured so they are on their third. Miles' dad is pressing him to focus only on football. He is getting caught up in drugs to improve their playing speed. He doesn't want to but continues to give into peer pressure.

I predict that they will have a great season and be state champs
So far in my book my main character Mick Johnson has been playing football since he could walk. He is trying to become different from his father as his father always slaked because he was the best but when he got to the pros he was kicked out because he pulled the same crap.he did this until he started practice in middle school when his coach told him he was just like his father but thats when it all change. he started practicing hard and doing everything 100%. He has just finished out middle school and is fighting for a spot on the varsity squad during spring practice.
Fallan Stark
pgs. 3-78
Kate Malone is a senior in high school. She is in NHS, cross country team, and ranked 3rd in her class. She is really good at Chemistry. She is so sure that she will get into MIT so she only applies for that college, no other. The stress about recieving the letter causes her to become an insomniac. Her dad is a reverend, however she doesn't believe in God. At her cross country meet she got lost in the woods and came in dead last. She goes home to find there is no hot water and she has to work ladeling gravy at the church's chicken and biscuit night. She finally gets her letter. To top off her horrible past few days, she doesn't get in and she didn't apply, let alone get accepted to anywhere else.
Jake hensley
pg 0 - 31

SUMMARY:So far Will and his brother Tom went down South to help free a slave. It was quite easy for they cause they do it alot. They hid the slave underneath the floor boards in their wagon. when they got back up North they sent him free to Canada. Now Tom is going on his own to help free the rest of the slave's family. This will be very risky.
PREDICTION: I think Tom will encounter some trouble while down South.
Ian Hopkins
The final Warning

Well so far there were the group of people who dispise tghis one person. This group of people who was very tough. They thought they were old anough that crying wasn't part of there vocabulary. So one day they took this kid name Ari. Everyone who new that kid didn't want a part of him. Sop that group brought him to the railroad tracks and beat him up until he just about die. They curve stop Ari head into the curve and just about killed him with a broken neck. Later on one of those people in the group found out that Ari was his step brother and they was very shocked and confussed. But once they found out about Ari theyb didn't know that he was getting ready to die. So a few months went bye and Ari died. They describe all the levels of pain that they went threw and they said this was the worse feeling that they ever had.

scarlet pages 0-25 autor is stephan lawhead

i changed my book to scarlet so far will scarlet is in jail about to be hung and he is telling a frair about how he meet the raven king a famous outlaw and how he became an outlaw. while this is going on king william is trying to figure a way to get the Pope to stop pestering him.

i predict that th outlaw gang of will scarlet will rescue him while he is being escorted to the gallows.
Tyler Allison
pg. 0 - 52
Letters to God

The book started out with it just going over the family and the initial background. The dad worked two jobs to support his wife who stays at home. He worked construction and was a janitor at night. He would get home really late at night. Well one night he was driving home and a drunk driver hit him and killed him. After this the mom finds work at a diner and then realizes that she is better than that. So she goes to medical school and become a nurse.

I think that she will start making a lot of friends at work and realize that everything is going to be ok.
Emily Wisecup
Crocodile Tears
Anthony Horowitz
pg 22
So far the story has told about how a nuclear power plant in Chenai was destroyed by a rogue worker. They describe how the charity First Aid came to the rescue. Then it jumps to Alex Rider's story. He is currently in Scottland with his friend Sabina and her family. They are getting ready to go to a New Years party at a Scottish castle held by the owner of First Aid. Sabina's father is a journalist so he got tickets to the extravagent party to interview him.

I predict that Sabina, Alex, and her father will leave the party early. None of them were really in the mood to go to it in the first place.
Driving with Dead People is a strange book to say the least. It started off with Monica (the main character) overly interested in the death of a young girl. Her father had read about it but wouldn't tell her what happened. That was strange because her dad has a creepy obsession with dead people. He will actually stop and film car accidents. Monica decided to talk her grandma into taking her to the girl's funeral, which is really wierd. She didn't even know the girl but the girl looked a little bit like her. I also found out that Monica is in the 3rd grade and still wets the bed. She also believes that her family wouldn't care at all if she died. So she obviously has a difficult family life. I believe that I will learn about more about her family life next and maybe know why she thinks her family doesn't like her.

Week 1 Prompt

The Road by Corman McCarthy
Pg. 5-53
Tyler Book

I changed my book to The Road by Cormac McCarthy. So far, I have found that the main characters are the man and the young boy. They have set out on a journey to try to get to the coast after something horrible happened and everything in the world was destroyed, kind of like an apocalypse. They started walking down the road and they camped along the way. They went to the man's house that he lived in as a child. They also saw a man that had been struck by lightning. They have pretty much been walking the whole time and that's all that has happened. I think they will walk more and encounter some marauders.
He's Just Not That Into You
Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo
Pg. 66
Many women in the world are in bad relationships with boys and they need advice on what to do. Girls of all ages write letters to Greg and tell him about their relationship and what they don't understand about it. A lot of girls ask about their boyfriends not calling them or wanting to talk. Greg answers all of their questions, and usually ends his letter with "he's just not that into you." In most cases, that is true. He always proves all of his points and clearly states why you shouldn't be in a relationship like that. Liz also tells stories about her relationships and why they are good or bad, and she also gives advice, but Greg does most of the talking. At the end of each chapter it tells you what you should have learned, and each chapter gives you tips on how to get out of a bad relationship if you are not happy.

Prediction- I think tons of girls will keep writing to Greg, and Greg will give them his best advice. He will continue to help get girls out of crumby relationships and tell them what he really thinks. I believe he will continue to say "he's just not that into you" if thats what he really believes. Greg knows what he is talking about!

Mercy by: Jodi Picoult

I ended up changing my book to Mercy. So far in the very beginning I read about Jamie and his wife Maggie they were sitting in their room together talking and then he killed her. The book goes back an fourth with characters then it skipped to Cam and his wife Allie. Cam is a police and in the story Jamie comes to the station with his dead wife saying killed her. Before he told Cam that he told him that he was his cousin. Cam and Allie have known each other since high school, Cam use to date Maggie in high school. So now with the confession Jamie told Cam is trying to get to the botton of what really happened. I think that maybe Cam will give him a break because after he found out that he was his cousin and that he did it because what he says he wanted her too after she couldn't get rid of the cancer.
City of Glass
Pg. 1-65

Clary is set to head off to Idris with Jace and the Lightwoods against the wishes of Jace and her father figure Luke. A problem occurs as they open the portal to go to Idris and Clary along with the rest of the shadowhunters are attacked by the Forsaken Warriors. Now Simon and others are injured and it appears to be all Clary's fault.

I predict that Clary and the others will find a way to reach Idris but they will arrive to dismay in the city and once again be forced to save everyone from the hordes of demons summoned by Valentine.
Sticky Fingers
By Niki Burnham

Jenna Kassarian just got accepted into the early admissions program to Harvard. She's sure that her boyfriend, Scott, is going to get in. She later finds out that he didn't get in. When she finds this out she thinks that her future plans are now ruined. She planned for them to go to Harvard together, get married, and have a family. Scott is still positive he'll make it into Harvard, but he starts talking a lot about how Brown is also a good school. Jenna starts to compare herself to her bestfriend, Courtney, and starts to resent how she has always been a good student.

Prediction: I think that Scott will break up with Jenna, and Jenna will lose all focus on Harvard and her grades. Then she'll have a whole new set of problems, but later realize what she's doing to herself and fix everything.
pg 1-56
In my book, Ben is a seinor at his highschool of fewer than 100 students. He has a rare cancer that will kill him before his seinor year is over. At the beginging of the book, Ben talks with his doctor about the different things he can do to try and save himself. He chooses to not tell his parents about it and to live his last year of life to the fullest. He trys out for the football team and makes it. His brother is a year younger than him and is the star quarterback. He hasn't told his brother yet but he told his doctor that he would. I predict that Ben will start to get sick and people will find out that he is dying.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Quarter 1, Week 1

Tabitha Payne
pg. 1-34
TTYL by Lauren Myracle

Summary: These three girls Maddie, Angela, and Zoe start tenth grade. They start the day off good but as the day goes on it gets worse. Jana this girl that thinks she is the best messes it all up for everyone. First Maddie gets made fun of by her about her name and then laughs about it. So Maddie gets mad and tells Angela. Angela told Maddie what Jana was saying in the bathroom about this girl who supposedly Jana's friend over the summer but is no longer now. So Maddie gets even more mad because she feels that Jana should be taken down. So the three friends decide to not let Jana Whitaker mess up their sophomore year.

Prediction: I think that as school gets going more that Maddie, Angela, and Zoe will take down Jana Whitaker and become the popular girls. I also think that they wil all be able to go on their trip they want to.


Roses Are Red
James Patterson
Page 118

The main character in this thriller is Alex Cross. So far banks across the Washington D.C. area have been robbed with at least three to four people gruesomely murdered each time. The people murdered are either the bank employees or the families of those who work at the bank. Every lead that Alex has had so far has led to a dead end. Mostly because the people who rob the banks end up murdered too. Cross has finally come across one lead where they say the person behind all this calls himself the "mastermind." No one actually sees him, but they describe the man as intelligant and presise with no mistakes in anything that he says. Along with Alex Cross's job there is the risk that another even more disturbing killer is still out there. The same villian that once took his girlfriend hostage for a year. That girlfriend now will have nothing to do with Cross and along with that Cross must now deal with the brain tumor his young daughter is suffering from.

I predict that the mastermind will get something wrong withen the next two robberies that gives some insight into who he might be. Also, the mastermind will find that Cross is trying to catch him leading to the involvement of Cross's family in a horrible way.

Alonge Came A Spider

Erika Lange
page 3-92
Alex Cross is a Detective/shrink in Washington DC. He was suppost to work on a murder/rape case in the projects, but the mayor of DC asked him to be reasigned to a kidnapping case. The kids that were kidnapped is the daughter of an actress, Maggie Rose, and the son of the Secritary of State, Michael Goldberge. The man that kiddnaped them's name is Gary Soneji, also known as "Mr. Chips". He was a teacher at the privet school that Maggie Rose and Michael attended. Everyone Trusted him so it was easy for him to get the kids to fallow him out to his van and drug them and take them to a deserted farm. He took the kids to the farm and barred them in a casket like box a half a foot below the surface. Maggie was the first to wake up from the drugs. It took her a while to understand where she was, but when she got control of her body and could move she found Michael who still hasn't woke up. she is worried that he will never wake up and she will have to survive without her best friend.
McKaila von Rentzell
By Alyson Noel
pg. 42

This book is about the life of Ever who is a teenager whom suffered from a car crash which changed her life. Ever is beautiful, blonde sixteen year old, but hides her beautiful looks hiding behind hoodies and her iPod. She had to move to her aunt Sabine's house because of deadly car crash that caused her whole family to die except for her. She of course blamed herself for the accident, but it really wasn't her fault. Ever since Ever's car crash she has became pshycic and has been able to hear people's thoughts, see their auras, and can know their life story by touching them. She tries to avoid people's touch, because when she touches someone, it makes Ever tire easily and very weak. Ever's best and only friends are Haven and Miles. They are always there for Ever and insist she doesn't wear hoodies anymore to show her true beauty. One day at school, a new student arrived. His name was Damon and he was who everyone was talking about. Damon was gorgeous and everyone wanted to be close to him. In Ever's English class, Damon put right next to her. Ever tries to avoid him at all costs, but she can't help but look. Everyone was right, he was gorgeous. Not only gorgeous, but when he touched ever she felt warm and tingly instead of feeling a jolt when other people touch her. She wondered what was so different about Damon.

I think that Damon is holding a secret that he is not telling anyone. He seems to be talking to Ever a lot, even though she doesn't show much interest. I think he is trying to get Ever to like him and talk to him and to get to know him.
Every Second Counts
By Lance Armstrong
Pg. 41

Lance Armstrong begins with "So, it looks as though I'm going to live-at least for another 50 years or more."(pg. 1) He gives a synopsis of his cancer that nearly killed him at age 25. The cancer was advanced choriocarcinoma that spread to his abdomen, lungs, and brain and it required two surgeries and four cycles of chemotherapy to get rid of it. The best way to summarize Lance's attitude toward the way cancer shaped his life and helped him learn the true meaning of life was by this quote: "But the fact is that I wouldn't have won even a single Tour de France without the lesson of illness. What it teaches is this: pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever." (pg.3-4) I have read this quote over and over because it stands out to me. I think its important because it is inspirational to me. Lance has a wife, Kik, and three children: Luke, Grace, and Isabelle. He also has a cat named Chemo. Lance is always on the road riding so he is away from his family a lot. Lance trains everyday. The one thing I find interesting about him is when he is finished with a climb, usually a stage in an upcoming race that is uphill, and he isn't comfortable with it and he doesn't feel he has mastered each part of the climb, he will go back down to the bottom and climb it again. The average climb for Lance is about 1 hour uphill and he is followed by his coach in a car. Then it is usually 30 minutes back to the bottom in the car.

Prediction: I think he will talk about how his mother influenced him and his experience through cancer. In the other book I read before my current book, It's Not About the Bike, he described in detail about how his mom was the reason he wanted to beat the odds of cancer and continue living. He could have just given up, but his mother said he still had too much life left to just let it slip away from underneath him. I would like to read about how his mother was his inspiration to live.

(So far, I love this book because I like reading about people's hardships and how they made it through. I think these types of books are inspirational and help me set goals for my own life.)
April Witch
Majgull Axelsson
Pg. 91

The story is told by Desiree, who is a middle-age woman who has constant epilepsy and can't walk or talk. But even though she is paralyzed physically, she is very smart and has a gift which basically lets her possess other living creatures and use their bodies. Well, after her mom gave her up as a kid, she took in three foster kids named Christina, Margareta, and Birgitta. Desiree thinks that one of the three girls lived the life that was meant for her. Using other people's and birds' bodies, she sends each of them a letter which she says will put them in motion towards some plan of hers.

My prediction is that whatever Desiree's plan is will start to unfold. I also think that I will learn more about each of the girls' past.
Elizabyth Ladwig
Malinda Lo
pg. 59
This book starts out with Aisling's (the main character) mother dying. Aisling is about 12 years old at this time. Two weeks after she died, Aisling's father left on a merchant trip to their royal city and when he came back, he brought a new bride, Lady Isobel, and her 2 daughters, Ana and Clara with him. That night, Aisling left the house, since she couldn't stand the thought of her new stepmother in her mother's room. She went for a walk in the forest just behind their house. After she had been walking for awhile, she came upon a man with unearthly beauty. She realized right away that he was too beautiful to be human. He was a fairy. He told her to leave and she did. When she got back to her house, she found out that her father had become very sick. after a week with no improvement, Lady Isobel decided to take him to her house in the city to have a doctor look at him. Two weeks later, he died. Lady Isobel called Aisling into her room the next day and told her that her father had serious debts before he married her and that Aisling would have to work them off in Lady Isobel's house. This story is like Cinderella, but with fairies tied in.

I think Aisling is going to meet the fairy man again and he is going to help her with her stepmother and stepsisters.

09/26/2010 Dear John

John Tyree was born in 1977. John lives in Wilmington, North Carolina with only his father, because his mother left him when he was young. John felt his family was poor compared to his friends. He got in trouble after 10th grade. His father is obsessed with coin collecting, and John was too when he was little. But John noticed that coin collecting was all his dad talked about and grew tired of it. One day his dad tried to talk to him about it and John didnt want to hear it, so John yelled at him and told him that he didnt want to hear about it anymore. John knew he hurt his father but didnt really care. He joined the Millitary and it changed his life. He considers himself a walking "cliche".

I predict that John will make the millitary his life, and later regret it. He didnt seem all enthusiastic to do it. He made it seem like it was lifeless: something your supposed to do instead of wanting to do it.
Caleb Bailey
Daniel Quinn
P. 51

The story starts off when the main character (He doesn't have a name) reads in the wanted ad of the newspaper. He finds an add that says "Teacher seeks pupil. Must have an earnest desire to save the world. Apply in person." He finds this ad very intriging. He follows the address posted at the bottom of the ad to a very normal, business-type building. He goes to the room that he was told to go to. When he arrives the room is bare, with only a chair in the middle and a large glass window with a sign behind it that says "With man gone, will there be hope for gorilla?" He looks closer and he sees that there is an ape behind the window. He soon figures out that the gorilla can speak to him telepathically. The gorilla, who he finds out is named Ishmael, tells him a long story about how he became domesticated and was taught by a dying profesor how to speak telepathically. Ishmael told the man that he was going to teach him a lot about the culture of man, and how they have treated the Earth poorly. The man decides to be taught by Ishmael and will come back the next day.

watering for elephants by sara gruen

pgs. 1-52
It all began when Jacob Jankowski was 23 years old he was preparing for his final exams at the cornell university being a veterinary student. He receives bad news at the school saying that his parents got in to a car accident. Jacobs father was a veterinarian and jacob had planned to join his practice. Jacob had learned that his father was deeply in debt because he had been treating animals for free a mortgaging a home for jacob and his ivy league education. he has a big breakdown after his parents had died and he leaves school just short of graduation. he jumps on a train not knowing that it is a circus train. Al the owner of the circus learns of his training as a vet he is hired to take care of the animals.

i predict that jacob will get a bigger part in the circus besides taking care of animals or it is going to help him with his career and it will help him not think about his parents anymore . And that the circus is going to be a big part in his life

Parker Frey
Cracker byCynthia Kadohata
p. 50

Willie is a young boy who has a dog named Cracker. It is his best friend. They had to move to an apartment building and they aren't allowed to have pets. So Willie has to get rid of Cracker and he is heart broken. They send Cracker to the military to be a war dog and to help with Vietnam. Cracker doesn't like the new place and bites and hurts the handlers. Rick is new to the army, only 17, and isn't liked by the sergeant. The sergeant assigns Rick to be a dog handler and gives him the toughest, angriest dog there, Cracker. Rick tries his best to get along with Cracker, but Cracker won't have any part of him. One day Rick brought Cracker a weiner and Cracker took it from him and Cracker started to like Rick a little bit.
Hanna Feller
if i stay
Gayle Forman
Gayle first starts out with an explantion of what had hapened later on it the book. There is a family of four all getting ready for school and work, but there had been snowfall. The school cancels and they kids' parents want to take the day off the spend time with their children. Mia, the oldest child, is very into classical music. She practices the cello everyday; she has been for 10 years now. There wasn;t that much snow on the pavement, so they all decide to take a drive to their grandparents house and maybe go shopping. They all piled in the car and like a normal family, started argueing over whoch radio station they were going to listen to. They all of a sudden "a four-ton pickup truck going sixty miles an hour plowing straight into the passenger side" hit their car. It sent each member of the family, Teddy, Mia, and their parents flying through the air. Mia wakes up to the cold pavement underneath her. She comes to find out that her dad is dying and his brains were scattered arcoss the road. Her mother's lips were already blue and her eyes were completely red. As she runs to find her brother she ends up seeing herself, like she was a ghost looking down at her lifeless body. The paramedics are all around the body she stares at and they rush her to the hospital to save her.
I predict that she will survive and go on with her music. She will want to make her parents proud of her even thoguh they are dead. I'm not sure if Teddy will survive or not at this point in the book, because they haven't found him.
The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks
pg. 50

The beginning of the book starts out with Julie(the main character) crying over the loss of her husband, Jim. He died from a heart attack and left Julie with a broken heart and a pet dog. The book then picks back up with her life four years later after the accident. She is a hair stylist living in a small town who has a hard time finding a nice guy. She goes on many dates and soon realizes that there are no decent guys in the town, until Richard comes along. He is charming, handsome, and very nice. He is perfect, or so she thought.
I predict that Richard turns out to be some sort of stocker or killer. She will try to leave him, but he wont let her go.
Sydney Boyle
90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper
Pg. 44

In 90 Minutes in Heaven, Don jumps right in by describing the setting and where he was headed on the day of his car accident. He was headed home from a Christian retreat and was itching to go as soon as possible. Right after the session is dismissed, Don heads towards home and decides to take the backroads, but he comes to find out it was a bad decision on his part. As he approaches the bridge, a truck driver loses control and the trailer slides sideways and completely smashes the top of Don's car. He had no time to react. Then the medics come to the scene and automatically declare Don dead on impact. Don then goes into describing what he saw after he was "declared dead". He went to the pearly gates of heaven and describes how glorious and astonishing it really was. Now he is describing all of the people he is seeing again from his past. I think that in the next few chapters he is going to come back to life, but he is going to have major injuries and be close to life and death again only on a hospital bed.

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Hot Hand, Mike Lupica, Page 53
Billy Raynor lives a lonely life because his parents are split, and they are never home. He plays for a basketball league, he is one of the better players as well as the coaches son, so his dad always reminds him of how he is a ball hog. Other friends agree that he needs to start passing the ball more. Billy is suspened from school for fighting a kid (Zeke the Geek) that was beating up Ben. (Billys little brother). Since he was suspened from the team his dad will not let him play in the next game. I think that the team will still win, and prove Billy that basketball is not a one man show.

Quarter 1, Week 1

Angela Poffenberger
Driving with Dead People by Monica Holloway

This book starts out describing Monica's father's obsession with dead and gore. If he hears about an accident, he will be one of the first people on the scene video taping it. I think this obsession leads to Monica's curiousity of dead people. When she reads about a young girls death, she wants to visit the funeral and the cemetary. When Monica doesn't describe her facsination with dead people, she talks about her father. Everyone seems to like her father, except for his family. He has been known to beat his children and pick on them. She doesn't make it seem like he's really abusive, but I don't think she realizes that what he's doing isn't right. She wants to make her father happy and enjoys the few fun times she has with him. Eventually she becomes really good friends with a girl named Julie because they go to school together. Monica is especially inpressed with Julie's father because he owns a mortuary and wants to see dead people. I think Monica will begin to think of Julie's family more as her own and will get in trouble by being in the mortuary when she isn't supposed to. I also think her father will become more abusive.
Garryson Ridgely
The Deathly Hallows by J.k Rowling

The book has been very intriguing so far. Harry Potters protection curse was lifted on his 17th birthday, and he immediately had to be transported from his aunt and uncles house to the burrow. Lord Voldemort finds out the night that Harry is being moved and chases after him. Harry barely makes it past protection charms on his broomstick before Voldemort catches up with him. Hermione and Ron decide to aid Harry on his search for the 6 other horcruxes, but as the search begins Ron leaves both of them and doesn't come back. Harry and Hermione travel to the place where Harry grew up at to look for any clues as to where another horcrux may be and they bump into a woman name Bathilda who has advice on where to find another.....
Only the Good Spy Young
pg. 265
In my book, Cammie is a seventeen year-old girl who goes to the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women which is actually a school for spies in training. However Cammie has lots more to worry about than just her schoolwork. She is being chased after by an international terrorist group called the Circle of Cavan. That is horrible enough but then she finds out that her teacher, Mr. Solomon, has been part of this group since he was sixteen. This means that he is being tracked down by the CIA and MI6 but they haven't caught him yet. He finds Cammie though and gives her a very confusing message of "Follow the pigeons" which eventually leads her to her father's journal. As the book goes on Cammie goes through many journeys including finding her deceased father's (who was also a spy) journal. In this journal it explains that Cammie's father and Mr. Solomon had been trying to stop the Circle and that is how he died. This means that Mr. Solomon is innocent. Cammie realizes this a little too late though because by the time she has made this realization Mr. Solomon has been captured by the CIA and then taken by the Circle. That takes Cammie and her friends on a mission to save Mr. Solomon and themselves. After a shocking run in with members of the Circle, swords, explosives, and taking a dangerous jump from a waterfall Cammie and her friends are safe. Mr. Solomon has been reported "dead" and an unaccounted for person is healing in their school hospital. After all this Cammie realizes that whoever she is with will not be safe with her since the Circle is after her, so she runs.
I predict that in the next book Cammie will attempt to finish her father's mission and take down the Circle of Cavan.
Dear John
Nicholas Sparks
pg. 90

In my book so far John has came back from the army for a couple of weeks. He decided to go back to his hometown to visit his dad. While he was there he met a girl names Savannah. It was a girl unlike any other girl he has met. There was something about her that he was attracted to. They met when she dropped her purse into the ocean and he went to retrieve it for her. Savannah is at his hometown because she is there to help build houses for families who really need it. Her and John had been inseparable since then. He taught her how to surf because she had never done it before and she wasn't too bad at it her first time trying it. John then took her one of the days to visit his dad because she said she wanted to meet him because his dad was the one who has raised John. John's dad had collected coins ever since John had been little it was a hobby for him. Savannah enjoyed talking to his dad. I ended off at the part where Savannah and John were just leaving his dad's house and they were talking about how much Savannah enjoyed his dad even though he was a very quiet man. I predict that John will have to go back to the army and Savannah will have to say goodbye to him for a long time, but then eventually once he comes back they will be together again and live a happy life! :)

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Nellie's Book

The book I am reading is called Louisiana Hurricane. By Kathleen Duey.

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My book

I'm reading Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire by JK Rowling.
Im reading Boot Camp by Todd Strasser
if i stay
Gayle Forman
90 Minutes in Heaven
by:Don Piper


James Patterson,The final warning
Im reading the book Gym Candy by Carl Deuker
I am going to read Marley and Me by John Grogan
I am going to read The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks
I am reading City of Glass by Cassandra Clare

Thursday, August 19, 2010

im reading mystery of skull canyon by Allen L. Johnson
Drums, Girls, And Dangerous Pie By Jordan Sonneblick

I'm reading Lament by Maggie Stiefvater.
Title: April Witch
Author: Majgull Axelsson
Catalyst by Laurie Halse Anderson

Quarter 1, /initial Blog Prompt

Title- Every Second Counts
Author- Lance Armstrong

Week 1 initial blog

Im reading Letters to God by Patrick Doughtie and John Perry.
Quarter 1, august 19th
i'm going to be reading Along Came a Spider by James Patterson

quarter 1 initial blog prompt

the rise and fall of Adolf Hitler by William shirer

Quarter 1, Initial Blog Prompt

I chose to read Driving with Dead People by Monica Holloway.
I am reading He's Just Not That Into You by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo.

Quarter 1, Week 1

I am reading Dear John, by Nicholas Sparks.

Quarter 1, Initial Blog Prompt

I am reading Ghost Wars by Steve Coll.

Quarter 1, Initial Blog Post

Title - The Outliers: The Story of Success
Author - Malcolm Gladwell

Kyle Weber
I chose the book Only the Good Spy Young by Ally Carter.
i'm going to read driving with dead people by monica holloway.

Quarter 1, Initial Blog Prompt

I am reading TTYL by Lauren Myracle.
I chose the book Tony LaRussa, Man on a Mission by Rob Rains and Joe Buck
Title: The Wanting Seed
Author: Anthony Burgess
My book is The deathly hallows, by j.k. rowling.
I chose the book, Dear John by Nicholas Sparks.
I'm reading Rules Of Attraction by Simone Elkeles.
I am going to read the book Scar Night by Alan Campbell.

My Book

I am reading Ishmael by Daniel Quinn
I chose the book Crackback by John Coy
the book i am reading is called Stealing South by Katherine Ayres
I chose Crocodile Tears by Anthony Horowitz.

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I chose the book Roses Are Red by James Patterson
The book I chose is Deadline by Chris Crutcher.
I chose the book cracker by cynthia kadohata.
I chose the book Evermore By Alyson Noel

english 3 book

My book is ........ Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

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BlogSpot Instructions

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I chose Hot Hand by Mike Lupica.