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Thursday, August 26, 2010


Roses Are Red
James Patterson
Page 118

The main character in this thriller is Alex Cross. So far banks across the Washington D.C. area have been robbed with at least three to four people gruesomely murdered each time. The people murdered are either the bank employees or the families of those who work at the bank. Every lead that Alex has had so far has led to a dead end. Mostly because the people who rob the banks end up murdered too. Cross has finally come across one lead where they say the person behind all this calls himself the "mastermind." No one actually sees him, but they describe the man as intelligant and presise with no mistakes in anything that he says. Along with Alex Cross's job there is the risk that another even more disturbing killer is still out there. The same villian that once took his girlfriend hostage for a year. That girlfriend now will have nothing to do with Cross and along with that Cross must now deal with the brain tumor his young daughter is suffering from.

I predict that the mastermind will get something wrong withen the next two robberies that gives some insight into who he might be. Also, the mastermind will find that Cross is trying to catch him leading to the involvement of Cross's family in a horrible way.


  1. I'm reading an Alex Cross book to. My favorite of that series is "Cross". Its so good!!!! I suggest it to anyone that likes James Pattersons books!

  2. I've only read one of the Alex Cross books, Kiss the Girls. Is his girlfriend the girl who got kidnapped in Kiss the Girls and got away? I think her name was Kate.


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