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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Parker Frey
Cracker byCynthia Kadohata
p. 50

Willie is a young boy who has a dog named Cracker. It is his best friend. They had to move to an apartment building and they aren't allowed to have pets. So Willie has to get rid of Cracker and he is heart broken. They send Cracker to the military to be a war dog and to help with Vietnam. Cracker doesn't like the new place and bites and hurts the handlers. Rick is new to the army, only 17, and isn't liked by the sergeant. The sergeant assigns Rick to be a dog handler and gives him the toughest, angriest dog there, Cracker. Rick tries his best to get along with Cracker, but Cracker won't have any part of him. One day Rick brought Cracker a weiner and Cracker took it from him and Cracker started to like Rick a little bit.

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  1. I think that Cracker sounds interesting. He is scary and I would like to know how they would use him in Vietnam. Does Willie still hear about Cracker or is he completely separated from him?


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