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Friday, August 27, 2010

He's Just Not That Into You
Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo
Pg. 66
Many women in the world are in bad relationships with boys and they need advice on what to do. Girls of all ages write letters to Greg and tell him about their relationship and what they don't understand about it. A lot of girls ask about their boyfriends not calling them or wanting to talk. Greg answers all of their questions, and usually ends his letter with "he's just not that into you." In most cases, that is true. He always proves all of his points and clearly states why you shouldn't be in a relationship like that. Liz also tells stories about her relationships and why they are good or bad, and she also gives advice, but Greg does most of the talking. At the end of each chapter it tells you what you should have learned, and each chapter gives you tips on how to get out of a bad relationship if you are not happy.

Prediction- I think tons of girls will keep writing to Greg, and Greg will give them his best advice. He will continue to help get girls out of crumby relationships and tell them what he really thinks. I believe he will continue to say "he's just not that into you" if thats what he really believes. Greg knows what he is talking about!


  1. Have you seen the movie? If you have, is it close to the book?

  2. No I have not seen the movie. I was also wondering if it was close to the book or not as well.


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