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Thursday, August 26, 2010

09/26/2010 Dear John

John Tyree was born in 1977. John lives in Wilmington, North Carolina with only his father, because his mother left him when he was young. John felt his family was poor compared to his friends. He got in trouble after 10th grade. His father is obsessed with coin collecting, and John was too when he was little. But John noticed that coin collecting was all his dad talked about and grew tired of it. One day his dad tried to talk to him about it and John didnt want to hear it, so John yelled at him and told him that he didnt want to hear about it anymore. John knew he hurt his father but didnt really care. He joined the Millitary and it changed his life. He considers himself a walking "cliche".

I predict that John will make the millitary his life, and later regret it. He didnt seem all enthusiastic to do it. He made it seem like it was lifeless: something your supposed to do instead of wanting to do it.

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