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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dear John
Nicholas Sparks
Pg. 220

The protagonist in my book is John. The positive traits about him is that he is dedicated to his country and has served in the army over the last several years. He treats women with respect and never treats them badly. He always tries to help people in anyway he can. His dad has just passed away, but a couple months earlier he has spent a lot of time with his dad which i think is good because his dad really needed it and that means that John is really dedicated to his family and also to Savannah. He also is a very good leader! Some negative traits he has is that he can have a temper sometimes and gets mad real easily. In his past he use to behave really bad, but ever since he had met Savannah he can't quite get angry as much. Overall, his positive behaviors outweigh his negative behaviors. These traits are revealed by the way he treats Savannah, he is so nice to her and he even said that he can't ever be mad at her because he loves her so much. He sends her letters while he is in the army and that means that he genuinely cares for her. It said in the beginning of the book that he use to drink all the time and not have good behavior, but throughout this book you can tell he has changed. The plot is affected because he cares for Savannah deeply and now Savannah is married to someone else, this makes the plot interesting because you don't know whether he is trying to get with Savannah or just leave her alone since she has moved onto someone else.


  1. From the plot of the book, it reminds me a lot of The Notebook. Both of the girls get married to someone different, even though they both have guys that love them. And the guys that love them both are/were in the army. They also both wrote letters to the one they love. Are there any other similarities between the two?

  2. I never thought of that before, but you are right! Both of the relationships they still love each other even though they are with someone else. I cannot think of any other similarties of the two stories, but they are all revolved around a couple never loosing their love for each other.


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