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Monday, August 23, 2010

Dear John
Nicholas Sparks
pg. 90

In my book so far John has came back from the army for a couple of weeks. He decided to go back to his hometown to visit his dad. While he was there he met a girl names Savannah. It was a girl unlike any other girl he has met. There was something about her that he was attracted to. They met when she dropped her purse into the ocean and he went to retrieve it for her. Savannah is at his hometown because she is there to help build houses for families who really need it. Her and John had been inseparable since then. He taught her how to surf because she had never done it before and she wasn't too bad at it her first time trying it. John then took her one of the days to visit his dad because she said she wanted to meet him because his dad was the one who has raised John. John's dad had collected coins ever since John had been little it was a hobby for him. Savannah enjoyed talking to his dad. I ended off at the part where Savannah and John were just leaving his dad's house and they were talking about how much Savannah enjoyed his dad even though he was a very quiet man. I predict that John will have to go back to the army and Savannah will have to say goodbye to him for a long time, but then eventually once he comes back they will be together again and live a happy life! :)

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  1. Megan,
    I hope you are enjoying this book because i absolutely loved it. keep on reading it it is going to get really good. it has been one of my favorite books and i liked it so much i have read it more than once. enjoy the rest of the book


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