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Thursday, August 26, 2010

watering for elephants by sara gruen

pgs. 1-52
It all began when Jacob Jankowski was 23 years old he was preparing for his final exams at the cornell university being a veterinary student. He receives bad news at the school saying that his parents got in to a car accident. Jacobs father was a veterinarian and jacob had planned to join his practice. Jacob had learned that his father was deeply in debt because he had been treating animals for free a mortgaging a home for jacob and his ivy league education. he has a big breakdown after his parents had died and he leaves school just short of graduation. he jumps on a train not knowing that it is a circus train. Al the owner of the circus learns of his training as a vet he is hired to take care of the animals.

i predict that jacob will get a bigger part in the circus besides taking care of animals or it is going to help him with his career and it will help him not think about his parents anymore . And that the circus is going to be a big part in his life


  1. I like this book.
    And they're making it into a movie, which is kind of cool.

  2. ya i cant wait to see it but i am going to read the book first because whenever i read the book first it is really good compared to the movie . and after you see the movie it kind of ruins the book for you.


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