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Friday, August 27, 2010

Fallan Stark
pgs. 3-78
Kate Malone is a senior in high school. She is in NHS, cross country team, and ranked 3rd in her class. She is really good at Chemistry. She is so sure that she will get into MIT so she only applies for that college, no other. The stress about recieving the letter causes her to become an insomniac. Her dad is a reverend, however she doesn't believe in God. At her cross country meet she got lost in the woods and came in dead last. She goes home to find there is no hot water and she has to work ladeling gravy at the church's chicken and biscuit night. She finally gets her letter. To top off her horrible past few days, she doesn't get in and she didn't apply, let alone get accepted to anywhere else.

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  1. I predict that she will try to apply somewhere before anyone finds out her secret about not appling. That or she will wait a year and then go to college.


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