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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sydney Boyle
90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper
Pg. 44

In 90 Minutes in Heaven, Don jumps right in by describing the setting and where he was headed on the day of his car accident. He was headed home from a Christian retreat and was itching to go as soon as possible. Right after the session is dismissed, Don heads towards home and decides to take the backroads, but he comes to find out it was a bad decision on his part. As he approaches the bridge, a truck driver loses control and the trailer slides sideways and completely smashes the top of Don's car. He had no time to react. Then the medics come to the scene and automatically declare Don dead on impact. Don then goes into describing what he saw after he was "declared dead". He went to the pearly gates of heaven and describes how glorious and astonishing it really was. Now he is describing all of the people he is seeing again from his past. I think that in the next few chapters he is going to come back to life, but he is going to have major injuries and be close to life and death again only on a hospital bed.

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