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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Stonewall's Gold
By Robert J. Mrazek
pg. 50 to End

The theme of the book is about a boy that is in his teens and is on the edge of boyhood. He has to take on challenges that force him to confront the world for the first time. He finds a map that has directions to treasure. He shows it to a man and the people around him find out and they go after him and the man. Some people were killed and Jamie has to continue on his journey alone because the man stayed back to try to fend off the group. The group is trying to get the map and kill anyone that has seen it. They catch Jamie and he has to face some challenges that change his life from there on out. It is shown through action and adventure in the story. They have some gun fights and some deaths occur. It is set back during the civil war time so there were quite a few people that owned guns so there were a bunch of shootings and murders. The book is very intriguing and I would recommend it to anyone that was looking for a decent book.

By Amy Wright

Friday, December 10, 2010

Still Life of A Woodpecker
Tom Robbins

Its necessary for the world to have chaos. "Wood Pecker" carries dynamite around with him. The setting is a peaceful place that turns into chaos. The woodpecker is symbolic for destruction and the princess is symbolic for peace and when they clash it is intense.
O, Juliet
Robin Maxwell
Olivia Ramsey
I think the main theme of this book is to follow your dreams. Romeo & Juliet is the classic story of a forbidden love. In this story however Romeo and Juliet work to make it acceptable for them to be together. They work to get their families to get along, they work to have their family businesses to get along all so they can be together. Romeo and Juliet are characterized by being smart hardworking people since they are both very book smart and are both also poets. This is one of the reasons they fall in love and it is also the reason that they are able to make their families friends. In the end, it doesn't work but they work hard for their dreams and eventually get to be together in the heavens. What they worked so hard for they finally got.


I think the main theme in this book is never give up. Ben lives on a preserve for big cats, lions, tigers, etc. Someone broke in to the preserve and let some of the cats out. Ben goes out looking for the cats. He finds all of them, but two of them were dead, they were shot through the heart. Now Ben is determined to find the killer.

Quarter 2, Blog 5

Kyle Weber
Hoop Dreams
Ben Joravsky
Pgs. 100 - 137

I think the theme of this book is that no matter how bad things may be, just do what you love and everything will work itself out. Arthur Agee lives in the projects and his stepfather is a drug addict. He has to commute ten miles to school every morning and back home every night. But he plays basketball, and that seems to be his escape. He doesn't act like he has a troubled life while at school. He is classified as the class clown to disguise his inner hurt. Both of the athletes in this book, Arthur Agee and William Gates, have tough lives. But they play basketball, which is what keeps them going. No matter how bad things may be, they know that they will always have basketball.
Jake hensley

eagle blue

!77- end of book

The theme of this book would be to never give up. The Eagles basketball team wasn't the fastest or the best, but they had the biggest hearts. They had one of the smallest teams in the state. Through their hearts and determination they play hard all year long. Then at the end of the year they find themselves in the state tournament. They went on to get third place at the Alaska State Tournament. Third place was a high achievement and are an inspiration to work hard.

Fallout By Ellen Hopkins

I just started this book. But so far the theme is how to escape something your destined to do. Its hard to just not do what people expect you too. If your family isnt very good and they are into drugs and stuff its hard to get away from it. Especially when your around it all the time. Its just in your blood. But if you can get away from it and go to college and stuff thats awesome. You have to have self control and all that stuff. If your not willing then your not going to do it.
Ian Hopkins
No excuss
Kyle maynard
The main theme was never give up. Kyle was born with no legs or arms but he fought threw everything ton try to be the best he can. When kyle was little he use to get baby alot when he was a little kid. Kyle then sone realize that he coulddo all the work all by himself. So Kyle strongly encurage his family to let him be like a reagular little kid
Fallan Stark
singin' in the rain the making of an american masterpiece
Hess and Babholkar
pg 64

My book is non-fiction so it is hard to recognize the theme, however I think it may be something along the lines of team work and cooperation. They had to work together as a team to make the movie. Gene Kelly coreographs the dancing, and helps produce the film. Freed and Brown wrote the script. They had to work together over the phone to come up with the script, but also had to meet together to put the whole thing together. The cast all has to work together or else there would be no movie. The people behind the scenes all have to work together as well to create the film.
The Lost Symbol
By Dan Brown
End of Book

The main theme in this book would be to read between the lines and try to understand the hidden meanings of things and that humans take things way out of proportion. This is shown in the plot when the characters expect where the next clues to the Masonic pyramid are hidden and the pyramid keeps disproving them. It is also shown in the end when they find the lost mysteries, which is supposed to be something that when revealed will bring great enlightenment to the world, but I cannot tell what the pyramid leads to. It does show that humans blow things way out of proportion and there can different meanings to life and religion. This theme is also revealed in the characterization of Robert Langdon. He doesn't ever believe anything and he always believes what he has been taught. He isn't open to new ideas, but throughout the book he is forced to realize things that he didn't previously understand the meaning of. This book wants people to wonder about their own lives and what they can do to find the true meaning of it.

Pop goes the Weasel

by JAmes Patterson

the theme is never give up even when people and things you love can get hurt or killed. alex cross never gives up hunting the killer the weasel. even though he is threatened his girlfriend is kiddnapped and possibly dead. when his family was threaten and being on the brink of losing his job as a deteective. and Geoffrey never gave up killing people when he was about to get caught. he didnt quit playing his fantesy game even when the other players didnt want him to and were beaking the rules.

Blog 12/10/10 Tyler Allison

Mike lupica
pg. 113

I am not far enough into my book to really get the theme yet. i plan on finishing my book this weekend and i will have it figured out then. If i were to choose a theme now though, it would probably be never give up. I think this because my main character Michael was thrown into this world with nothing. He doesnt have parents and he lives with his brother in the Bronx of New York. Him and his brother are illegal immegrants and they have to live a low life. Michael has a dream of becoming a proffesional baseball player and he wants to acheive that dream. I dont think that he will give up. This is why i think the theme is never give up. Overall i like this book and i wonder how it ends.?

Double Identity
by: Margaret Peterson Haddix
Finished book

The main theme of this book is to always be yourself. Don't try to be someone your not. This theme is shown by the main character Bethany. She is a clone of her sister Elizabeth, and throughout the book, Bethany tries to act the exactly opposite of her, because she doesn't want to be known as her sister's clone. By the end of the book she realizes that trying to not act like her sister, makes her not act like herself. Finally she accepts the fact that they are similar and decides to be just the way she is.
The Kindness of Strangers
Katrina Kittle
Finished Book

The main theme of my book is to not act like something doesn't exsist, simply because it is horrific. It's shown by using the story of Jordan, and how if people would have used their gut feeling that something was wrong, he could have been saved from all the trauma he now has. The teachers at his school new Jordan had a problem with adults touching him, and that he wouldn't change for PE, and that's a sign that something is wrong, but no one wanted to be the accuser, or face the fact that this little boy might actually be hurting and being abused.
Cold River
By William Judson

The theme of my book is to never give up even when it seems things cant get any better just keep going and it will all be fine. It reminds me of the song "If Your Going Through Hell" by Rodney Adkins because the message is the same. When Lizzy and Tim get stuck in the frozen winter and manage to survive because they never gave up and used what they learned from there dad to survive and see another day. Lizzy character of relentless determination is what saved Tim because alone he would of cracked under the pressure. The idea is to keep going through hard time and don't stop to look back.
Chris Lynch
End of Book
I think the theme of this book would be is told by Keir which is, the worst thing there is is when the people you love let you down. This is shown in many different scence throughout the book, but is always told by Keir. There was a graduation party at one of his friends house's. All the guys were high on all different kinds of things and Keir decided to try it. The girl he had had a crush on, Gigi, was there too. She has a boyfriend though in the military and was supposed to be there with her. He couldn't make it, so Keir stepped in and was there for her while she was upset. They talked about how they hated when the people they love let them down. That same night the two of them decide to go visit Keir's sisters at college. When they arrived both sisters were out partying and on dates. Keir was furious and took it out on Gigi. He refused to stay the night there, because of what his sisters had done, so they walk to an empty storage shed and stay there. In the morning Keir finds Gigi in the middle of the floor weeping. He asked her what happened, and she said that he raped her. Keir was a good guy, and good guys don't do bad things. He doesn't believe her, because in his mind their two hearts beat as one. Like two people in love. Gigi had let him down, and he loved her.
Kiersten White

I just started reading this book about two days ago so i havent really gotten to a theme in the book yet. It is one of those books with vampires and werewolves and other weird stuff in there so i probably wont get to the theme until way farther into the book. Right now its still basically at the introduction part of the book.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

As I Fall
Lauren Oliver
End of Book

I think the main theme of this book is change. Sam was pretty much a mean girl. She thought she was the best because she was popular. After she died she had to live her last day 7 times. At first she's just the same as she was when she was alive. Then after a few days she starts talking to people she never talked to and learned things about her best friends that made her realize what a jerk she was. By the end of the book she even saves a girl who she used to make fun of from committing suicide.
Elizabyth Ladwig
Give a Boy a Gun
Todd Strasser
Done with book
I think the theme of my book is that you should never make fun of someone. My book is about a school shooting that happened in the 90's. The reason for the shooting was that 2 guys had gotten fed up with being tormented every day. So they decided they would take it into their hands and make their tormentors lives horrible. By killing them.
For One More Day
Mitch Albom
pg. 29

I just started this book a few days ago so it is difficult to decide what the theme is as of right now. I would say so far the theme is to never take the people you love for granted. Chick Benetto's father left his family and his mother dies. He said he was always a daddy's boy until the day he left; then he was a mommy's boy ever since then. He never realized how much he really loved his mother until she was actually gone. He attempted suicide several times in his life. He was drunk driving and was in a car accident which he survived. He jumped off a water tower and still survived. His daughter never talks to him and she didn't invite him to her wedding because of the things he has done. Bad things can happen to you when you don't treat the people who are important in your life right. Never take the ones you love for granted.
The Lucky One
By Nicholas Sparks
pg. 35

I had finished my book for my next project already so I started to read this new book. Since I just started this book there has been no theme developed yet. There have been a few small conflicts and I am starting to get to know the characters. One conflict was character versus self...Clayton versus himself when he looses the camera he "borrowed" from the police station where he works. He struggles to find the camera and is worried what his dad will think when the camera comes up missing (his dad works at the police station too). He also wasn't using the camera what it was supposed to be used for as well, and that just makes it worse. So when his dad happens to find the camera with bad pictures on it, what will he think? So I guess a predicted theme could be careful with what is not yours. The book is in 3rd person and each chapter is set aside for different characters; telling each of their stories. I am assuming they will all link together in the end of the book. I have only been told about the characters Clayton, Thibault and his dog Zeus, and Beth. I am looking forward to reading the rest of this book and learning what the theme will be.

Garryson Ridgely

James Patterson
Where the Wind Blows
I think that the theme of this book is that even if you are struggling with problems, never give up. The night is the darkest just before dawn. There are kids in the book that are genetically altered to have wings and superhuman traits, and they escape from the school where they were being operated on. They are all changed for life, but they adapt to their new forms and don't give up hope even when they are being hunted by the ones who took them captive in the first place. The setting affects the characters mood, because a lot of where they are is damp and dark areas. This could give them more of a reason to give up, but instead they do not.
By: Laurie Halse Anderson
Finished book

Tabitha Payne

I think now that my book is done the main theme of my book is the importance of speaking up. Through out the whole book she was scared to tell everyone what had happened and when "IT"(the guy who sexually assulted her) came and found her and did it again she had to speak up. When he started to do what he had done the first time to her he was like you going to speak up and scream like you didnt do last time and when he finished saying that she screamed and the girls lacrosse team came and found her and she was saved, but she hated that everyone knew. It is shown through the second assult she got, and when she told her art teacher what had happened. It shows that she is stronger than what she thought and she can tell anything.
Prozac Nation
Elizabeth Wurtzel
Finished book

One of the themes of my book was that do not let others depict your future and how you live your life. It was shown through Elizabeth's interactions with other people. Elizabeth her whole childhood let her father tear her down and make her feel like he really was not a father to her at all. Because of his actions, she was always trying to find the male figure in her life for support her which lead her to the wrong path with men. Also, she was always trying to fit the perfect child for her mother, and she never just took the time to think about herself and what she truly needed. Because of both of these interactions and many others with random men and friends, Elizabeth fell into a life of depression and struggled for many years with it. It was those relationships that made her feel less of a person.

A Walk To Remember By Nicholas Sparks

I think one of the main themes that it show a father what his little daughter thinks of him. I think it is shown they way Jamie always talks that her dad is always at work and she is always by herself. And her father is very strict so Jamie can never leave the house. Now the father is realizing now that Jamie is getting older and going to a homecoming dance with a Land on so Jamie's father is deciding to do his job at being a father . He is all worried about Landon taking his daughter Jamie to the homecoming dance. So now I believe that Jamie's father will be doing more of his job being a father instead of working all the time. I think this is one of the main themes of the book.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Other Side of the Dark
by Joan Lowery Nixon
end of book
The theme of this book is to charish what you have and be thankful for it. A 13 yr old, Stacy gets shot by a robber and her mother is killed. The wound put her in a coma for 4 years. She wakes up to find that everyone is 4 years older (herself included), she missed a large chunk of her life, her mother is dead, and the killer is after her. I think this book makes people realize their lives aren't that bad compared to Stacy's.Stacy misses her old life and would give anything to change what happened.

Quarter 2 blog

Playing for Pizza
John Grisham
At this point the theme in this book is probably you get what you give. The main character is given many NFL quarterback positions, just on the 3rd string. He does great in practice cause he has a great arm and because no one is allowed to hit him. Then, when he actually gets in a game he freaks out because there's a chance he may get hit. He doesn't put in a lot of hard work so at the end of his time with the Browns it shows because he messes up majorly. Now, he has a second chance to prove himself, this time in Italy. The change in setting and people around him may actually help him realize this lesson he needs to learn.

aloysius tekippe

Patricia McConic

The main theme in this book is to never give up hope and that you can trust people. The girl in this book is sold as a prostitute. She loses all trust in people, and she becomes angry with the world and everyone of the men that sees her but does nothing to help. She is angry at her mother and father for selling her to this place. She hates the girls that work with her. But in the end she is helped by an american man that rescues her from this place. This puts faith back in her and lets her open up to people. THe main theme in this book is to never give up hope even when the situation seems as bleak as it could get.
The Rescue by Nicholas sparks
Pages: 256 -326

In this book there is a possibablity of many different themes. One of the main themes is love, because this is a romance book, there is love in it. Taylor is in love with Denise, but taylor has a fear of comitment. everytime he seems to fall in love with a girl and its going great and eveything seems to be doing well, he breaks up with her. none of his friends knows why, or understands it. Him and Denise were doing better then ever, spending everyday with eachother. They would talk for long times, he would always come by, he would play with Kyle (denise's child) like he was his own, but yet after a nice dinner party over at his friends house, something changed. One of his friends kept asking about Denise and how they were doing, and if she was the one, and if he was going to marry her. His friend talked with Denise for a while and she told her all about Taylor's other girlfriends, and how he just unepectly broke up with them. After that night Taylor has been acting werid, not hanging with denise as much and seems to be more to himself and work. Denise is starting to get worried. Because of all these things that have happened i think i can predict the ending, and say that he over comes his fear and they marry. If that is it then i would say the theme would be something like never fear love and indure the path to happiness.

Keeping Faith By: Jodi Picoult Pages 115-140

I think the theme if my book is to be thankful for what you have and not to let go no matter what happens. In the book Faith's mom has to live with the fact that Faith her daughter thinks she is seeing god. It is hard for her to grasp the fact that it is really happening and the people are finding out the truth and blaming Faith's mom for everything because they think she was crazy and seeing things and she did but does not believe it is her fault for everything. She learns that she should have kept Faith closer to her no matter what but she didn't after the divorced and now she is doing all she can to keep her with her and not be given to the dad.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

In These Girls, Hope Is A Muscle
Madeleine Blais
Pg. 204

I would say the major theme is this book is to always have hope. This theme is shown through all of the girls on the Amherst basketball team. They want to win that state championship that every team in the whole state is going after. They have hope that they will win and also much desire and drive to make them win. Their coach has hope for them to win as well. Their coach ensures them that they will win the state championship and he has high hopes for them in the future. All the girls think about and they are excited to finally play in that championship game. They believe that without any hope they would not have gotten to this point if hope was not with them. Jamilia is a girl who does not have the best grades, but she believed that she could push through her obstacles and with a little bit of hope she was able to get her grades back up to where they should be. Hope is the main aspect throughout their whole basketball season, because if anyone does not have hope for their team they just set themselves up for a loosing season. Hope is very important to have, not just for sports but just for life in general, and that is what these girls learn while learning new things on and also off the court. The whole plot is around them winning the state championship, if these girls did not have any drive they would have not made it as far as they did. Hope is a muscle these girls have within them, that could potentially get them to win the state championship!

Friday, Decamber 10th, 2010

Rachel Crouch
by Ted Dekker

The theme in my book is one of good verse evil and they are constantly battleing back and forth. Since there are two worlds in my book there are two depictions of good and evil. In one world good an devil are very obvious, there is the colorful forest and the black forest which are seperated by a river the circles the entire globe. The only rule in this worold is to not drink the water of the black forest, or all the evil there in will be released. Evil is constant temptimg Thomas to drink the water but so far he has been able to resist. In the other world there is a man Russian man who is trying to invent a disease that could wipe out the entire world, and then there's Thomas Hunter who is trying to stop him. But good does not always prevail.
Ice Drift
Theodore Taylor

I think the main theme of this is to never give up and keep fighting. The two boys have to fight to survive the cold weather and find food and stay safewhile they are on the ice floe. They have to try their best to stay alive until help can arrive and they can be rescued. They have to try to find their own way to get off of the ice floe because they dont no if help will arrive.
Summer Ball
Mike Lupica
Pg. 160
Again I think the main theme of my book is to never give up. Danny, the main character, is at a basketball camp where he is being picked on and the coaches hate him. He tries to tell his friends, parents, and another couselor that he just wnats to go home, but they say no and to not give up. They tell him to just keep trying with it, and it will only get better. I also think Danny is home sick and that he wants to leave. The camp is in another state and its all summer. The only time he can call home is once a week. Danny has a few enemys there that make it bad to, kids from the travel team they beat at nationals.


The Game of My Life
Jason McElwain
Too page 122

I believe that the main theme is that you should never give up on your dream. This is shown when Jason scores 20 points in a game he was never supposed to play in. He did not talk till he was 5 and always hid himself. He always wanted to play basketball but could not play until senior night and he suited up and was brought in in the last 4 minutes of the game and scored 20 points. He doesnt score until he is in for 2 minutes but continues to shoot and eventually scores.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Quarter 2, Blog 4?

Kyle Weber
Hoop Dreams
Ben Joravsky
PGS. 1-37

I started a new book called Hoop Dreams. This book is the story of Arthur Agee and William Gates. This book is based on the movie of these two rising basketball stars. This book is a lot like Friday Nigtht Lights. Both of these books are based on true stories and follow a select group of people. Both have similar plot lines and similar characters. And both involve high school kids. But Friday Night Lights was more of a history of the town and not so much about individual's lives. Hoop Dreams follows the lives of two boys throughout high school and even into college.
The Lost Symbol
By Dan Brown
pg. 620
Tyler Book

This book is a lot like Angels and Demons, which was also written by Dan Brown. The Lost Symbol is in the Same kind of series I guess is what you would call it. It has the same main character in Robert Langdon and it is the same genre-fiction. It incorporates little history lessons within the chapters and both books have a different group from history. In Angels and Demons it was the Illuminati and in the Lost Symbol it is the Freemasons. They are very similar in the way they are written and in the layout of the chapters. These books are very similar obviously because they are in the same series, yet they have subtle differences and have a completely different storyline.


This book does not relate to any other book i've read. It is in a completely different genre and i don't read on my free time.

The Adoration of Jenna Fox by. Mary E. Pearson

Nellie Wilson
Period 4
Mrs. Sheffield

This book is like one of Jodi Piccoult. In both books there are major accidents. In The Adoration of Jenna Fox she gets in a car accident, loses her two best friends, only has 10% that is all her, the rest is all scientific matter. She basically is a robot. And in Jodi's book, a guy risks for himself for a woman and daughter. The daughter needs a heart, later his. He died at the scene. The theme is the same in both books, like no matter how hard life may be, keep trying and pushing forward.
Eagle blue
pg. 112

The book I'm reading is called Eagle Blue. It's about a basketball team in Alaska who live in a small town and work real well together. All of their teamwork pays off. They start to be winners instead of losers. I would compare it to the book called Fab 5. Both books are about basketball and working together to reach greatness. Both books are really interesting and support the same theme, working together.
Olivia Ramsey
O, Juliet
pg. 306
This book is a lot different than most of the ones I read lately because it was kind of historical fiction and romance together. I liked it because it was a twist on the classic love story of Romeo & Juliet. Another book I've read that reminds me of this book is I, Coriander which was a historical fiction book. A difference between these two books was that I, Coriander was only told from one persons point of view while O, Juliet was told from both Romeo and Juliet's point of view. The topic of these books was also very different except for the setting because I, Coriander was kind of a Cinderella story in a magical world while Romeo & Juliet was the basic love story with a slightly different twist. What I've learned from the books I've read is I definitely love the genre of Historical Fiction.

Compare this book to a book you've read and enjoyed outside of school. Compare styles, topic, genre, etc.

Mike Lupica
Pg 50

Right now i just started Heat, by Mike Lupica. So far it is a book that starts out telling about the main characters. It tells stories about there lives and how they ended up to be who they are. I am comparing this to the book Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz. The beginning of this book gets into Alex riders life story right away too. It draws you in and lets you know your characters right off the bat. The styles of these books start the same but are totally different. One is an action type book and one is a "comeback" type of story. They are both fiction books. This lets the book be more creative i think. Overall Heat is a good book and it keeps me reading when i have time.


Garryson Ridgely

Where the wind blows
James Patterson
p. 130
This year i have been reading a lot of James Patterson's books, so the writing style in this book is the same as many of his other books. There is a lot of little problems inside one big problem and you dont figure out the ending until the ending of the book. The topic however is about genetic manipulation in children to give them bird-like traits. In most of the other books I have read from James, the story is based on a series of killings that is happening or major crimes. The genre in this book is sci fi, while his others are mainly realistic fiction. In his other novels there is a big plan that will eventually hatch, but I haven't gotten far enough to know what that plan is yet

Elizabeth Bower

The Rescue by nicholas sparks
pg 125-190

I really haven't read a book that is like this one. i have read all lot of books before but this is the first love/romance book i have read. i normally read action packed books. In somne way this book reminds me of different nicholas spark books. There is action in it, and enough mystery in it that you want to keep reading more and more. It has love and romance in it because that what kind of books he writes. It is a love story which i think Nicholas Sparks is very good at writing very written books. This book reminds me of the book "the notebook", which is another really good book. They both have similar themes, they both have some sort of tragety, they both have a unquie love in it, But they so different too. "The notebook" has a completely different twist on it then this book. although i haven't quit found out the twist in this book. it has hinted at it and i have a guess to what it is, but then again it could be anything. one thing i do know about Nicholas sparks's writing is it always has a twist, always. In the notebook, she was his wife, and they died together. In dear john she marries some other guy, and in this book, well i have to wait and see.
By: Chris Lynch
Pg. 104
I'm going to compare my book to the relationships that I see today. My book is about Keir Sarafian, a senior and about how he basically forces the girl he likes into a relationship with him. Gigi, the girl, and Keir have been friends for most of their lives and Keir ruins their freidnship by pretty much raping her. He denies it because he's always been such a "good guy" and he would never do something that terrible, but Gigi knows what really happened. Many relationships today have this happening, physical and verbal abuse. This is a nonfiction book, so it easily compares with real life situations. Also in throughout the story, Keir plays in a football game and takes out his anger about the whole raping situation on his opponent. He had tackled him so hard that he paralyzed the kid. From then on, Keir was nick named, "Killer". I haven't even read a book about this before, besides my previous book. But that book wasn't so much about people being abusive, it was more of guys being controlling and how those kinds of relationships can ruin friendships and families.
Cold River
By William Judson

From what I've read this book is a lot like Hatchet by Gary Paulsen as it is about someone being stranded in the woods and have to learn to survive. The difference is in Hatchet its a plane crash and in cold river its a canoe trip that don't end good. The books have similar writing styles both go into good detail about setting and characters. That's all i can compare only 21 pages in but i think it will be as good as hatchet.
Stonewall's Gold
Robert J. Mrazek
pg. 1-31

Stonewall's Gold is a completely different book than Every Second Counts by Lance Armstrong. The setting is during the civil war time and it is in Jamie Lockhart's perspective or point of view. The other book is written in Lance Armstrong's point of view and the setting is in France and at his home in the United States. I haven't gotten far enough to know the theme yet so I can not compare their themes. I would perfer Every Second Counts over this book because the words are more descriptive than some of the words used in Stonewall's Gold. I also think that the other book kept my interest more than Stonewall's Gold does. I do like both books though.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fallan Stark
Singin' in the Rain: the making of an American Masterpiece
pg 52

This book is about how they made the movie Singin' in the Rain, so it is a bunch of biographies and recollections of how the movie was put together. I haven't really read a book similar, except for Danny Boy, which I have yet to complete. Danny Boy is a book on the history of how they wrote the song Danny Boy. It talks about how the song was probably written in the time of the Anglo Saxons, which ironically, I was reading the book about the same time as we covered that subject in class, which made it more enjoyable because I had a better understanding of it. From the little bit that I read, there were no biographies, however it is similar to this book because it is the history of the subject. Danny Boy is a song and Singin' in the Rain is a musical which has many songs. They are both nonfiction.

Keeping Faith By Jodi Picoult 1-115

Im reading Keeping Faith and comparing it to the book Mercy keep I read. They are both books that keep wondering what is going to happen next. They are both by the same author Jodi Picoult. Both books are very well worded both are very descriptive to the point when you are reading reading you can imagine it in your head, which I think these are the best kind of books. Both books have some weird twist to them and you can't put yout finger on what is going to happen next.
Before I Fall
Lauren Oliver
End of Book

This whole story is about a popular high school girl named Sam who dies in a car crash and relives the last day of her life 7 times. It doesn't remind me of any book I've ever read, but it reminds me of the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray. I've never actually seen it, but I know it's about a guy who gets stuck in a time loop living the same day over and over again, like Sam in the book. Both stories even take place in February. Eventually the main character of Groundhog Day (whose name is Phil, I think) starts to change his life and help people, which breaks the loop. The same thing happens to Sam. She starts to notice that other people exist and helps save a suicidal girl, which breaks her time loop and allows her to die. The only difference is that Groundhog day is comedy and the book is mostly serious, even though it has some funny parts.
Dark Flame
Alyson Noel
End of Book

I am going to compare my book, Dark Flame, to The Vampire Diaries. I have read the Vampire Diaries last summer in my free time. There are some similarities between these two books, but there are several differences as well. One thing that is similar between these books is that they are both fiction books; Dark Flame talking about how immortals are real, and the Vampire Diaries talking about vampires... In Dark Flame, they reference to how most people suspect the immortals to be vampires when they are really immortals, which are totally different according to Dark Flame. Dark Flame is written in 1st person, telling the story in Ever's point of view, while Vampire Diaries is told in 3rd person, but with diary entries from different people mostly Alena. This makes the style quite different because you hear one side of the story in Dark Flame while you hear several sides of the story in Vampire Diaries. Also there are diary entries in Vampire Diaries which will tell the specific thoughts of certain people, so you sort of get a 1st person aspect in the story. So looking at these things, there are many differences such as point of view and style, but they also have similarities like their genres.
Somewhere Between Life and Death
Lurlene McDaniel
pg. 145

Somewhere Between Life and Death reminds me a lot of the book Hit and Run. The styles are very similar. In Somewhere Between Life and Death Amy was on her way to the store to get something when she was involved in an accident. She was in a coma for several months and she died. In Hit and Run, Analise is on her way home when she is hit on her bike. She is also in a coma for several months and eventually dies as well. The families were torn and learing how to deal with not having a daughter any more. The genre of these books are the same and they are teen fiction. They have very similar settings, characters, and themes. They both take place at night, involve teenage girls and their battles with living a normal teenage life. The themes for these two books is learning how to move on and forgetting about past situations.These books are very similar in many ways.


By. Patricia McCormick
page. done

This book is like nothing else i have ever read. It is a very sad story of a Family in Nepal that loses money and goes in to debt. The family then sells their 13 year to a woman that forces young girls into prostitution. This is an extreemly sad book and i do not usually read sad life changing books so it is hard to compare. I have read the Grapes of Wrath which made me sad to read it, that is as close as it gets to sadness. The author has also written other books so i may read those to see if they are the same as this one.
By: Laurie Halse Anderson
pg. 150

Tabitha Payne

I have read a book similar to this one by the suspense and drama part of it. Speak is suspenseful but not all the way through the book cause she called the cops at a party and everyone is made at her for it and you dont find out till the end of the book what it was and so the suspense part is that. The drama part is how she goes through all these friends and situations she has to overcome. I say genre is the same to what i read outside of school. Styles of how the authors writes are different for one could start out right away and say what it is and do the suspense throughout the book as to what happened because of the situation. I think these are the books i enjoy most of all.

Brandon post

My book is compared to the book "Knight" beacause when Bob Knight was a lil guy he got picked on and he got called a loser several times and just made fun of beacuse he was a lil on the bigger side so yeah he had a rough school career. But then he went somewhere with his life and was a basketball coach at a huge school in Texas. Sho he is living high and mighty now.


The Game of My Life
Jason McElwain
pg 50

This book seems to be similar to the ever so popular Travel Team by Mike Lupica. I kid who is never expected to do anything good and then emerged as a good player. They are both about basketball and give great descriptions and is an inspiring story. The Game of My Life is non-fiction but Travel Team is fiction. The characters are similar in they both have something wrong with them but Jason McElwains is much more serious. The conflict is the same in they both want to get on the court. So these books both have similarities.
Prozac Nation
Elizabeth Wurtzel
pg. 1-234

I hardly ever read memoirs so this book is a little bit different of a genre compared to what I normally read, but I like it. Because it is a memoir, it is told in first person, and a lot more connections are easier to make with the author because she really expresses her thoughts and feelings. I have also never read a book about depression so it is a little morbid at points and makes you, as the reader, slightly depressed. On the other hand, it also makes me realize how truly thankful I really am as a person because of all the problems my author has. The style is not any different than any other writer besides the fact that Elizabeth uses a lot of cliches and modern slang in her writing.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

by Jodi Picoult
end of book
I thought this book was alot like another Jodi Picoult book I read. That one was about an autistic kid possibly committing murder. These books are alike because they talk about today's society issues, especially about special cases of murder. The style is also alot alike because the author shows what all the characters are thinking at different times. These books are probably so much alike because the same author wrote them. I think they are pretty much the same, but with different circumstances.

Dear John By Nicholas Sparks

I have only read on of Sparks books besides this one, and it is very similar. In the Notebook they were previous lovers and in this one they have never met each other. The Notebook i thin would have been better if I didn't see the movie before I read the book, and everyone told me to read this book first with this one so thats what I'm doing. The plot is also similar in both books. They both take place in the eastern part of the us. but Dear John takes place by the ocean and The Notebook took place farther in land. The notebook also took place in the 40s and Dear john takes place present day.

Gone by Lisa Mcmann

This book is sort of like the book Crank. It has some problems in it that this girl has to get over. But its mostly on her mom. She finds out that she is psychic and that she can fall into other peoples dreams, uncontrollably. So she just randomly passes out sometimes and goes into peoples dreams. Which is pretty cool. She is unique. This book and Crank both tell storys about drunken people and how to get away from it. They both have scenes where it impacts them and their fellow peers. They were both very good reads. I read a whole series in about 2 weeks.
Double Identity
by Margaret Peterson
pg. 190

The only book I've read that is kind've like Double Identity, is the Guardian. Both of these books are filled with suspense and drama. They both have a mysterious man who is chasing after the main character and the settings are in small towns. But other than that they have nothing else in common. The book i'm reading now is about this thirteen year old girl who just found out that she is a clone of her sister who died twenty years ago, whereas the Guardian is about a grown woman who has an abusive stalker.

Always and Forever By Lurene McDaniel

Melissa Austin is a typical sixteen year old girl who works hard to keep her grades up and has a lot of friends. Everything is going smoothly  until, a teacher discovers she has a bruise on her leg and gets the impression that Melissa's mother is beating her. Later on, she discovers that she is diagnosed with Leukemia. With her health hanging on by a thread, can Melissa take it day by day or will things fall apart??

I've read Where the Red Fern Grows as a young kid and it's a very melancholy book filled with death and hard decisions.  In my personal life, my great-grandpa was diagnosed with leukemia in 2003 and things got worse.  In fact, he died two days before Christmas! This book was one of the hardest ones to read due to the fact that it brought back memories of when my grandpa was still alive. It tears me apart just thinking about him being gone. Both Where the Red Fern Grows and Always and Forever deal with the sadness and loss of loved ones.
The Kindness of Strangers
Katrina Kittle
pg. 242

I can compare The Kindness of Strangers to the book Boy Toy. They both are about two boys, only two years apart, that are being sexually abused. The abuse in the two books are extremely different however. In The Kindness of Strangers it focuses more on how society tries to hide from the horror of children being sexually abused when it happens everyday. In Boy Toy the author tends to focus more on the fact that it can be anyone, including a teacher. They both mention how people don't see the signs of child abuse until after the case is out in the open. The styles of writing in the two books are also extremely different. The Kindness of Strangers has bigger vocabulary and is more of an adult book then what Boy Toy was. Boy Toy used smaller words and made it easier to understand. Boy Toy also used flashbacks every other chapter. Although these two books are very different, they are alike in the fact that they both make you think about how society tries to ignore the horrible things happening.