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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Friday, Decamber 10th, 2010

Rachel Crouch
by Ted Dekker

The theme in my book is one of good verse evil and they are constantly battleing back and forth. Since there are two worlds in my book there are two depictions of good and evil. In one world good an devil are very obvious, there is the colorful forest and the black forest which are seperated by a river the circles the entire globe. The only rule in this worold is to not drink the water of the black forest, or all the evil there in will be released. Evil is constant temptimg Thomas to drink the water but so far he has been able to resist. In the other world there is a man Russian man who is trying to invent a disease that could wipe out the entire world, and then there's Thomas Hunter who is trying to stop him. But good does not always prevail.

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