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Friday, December 10, 2010

O, Juliet
Robin Maxwell
Olivia Ramsey
I think the main theme of this book is to follow your dreams. Romeo & Juliet is the classic story of a forbidden love. In this story however Romeo and Juliet work to make it acceptable for them to be together. They work to get their families to get along, they work to have their family businesses to get along all so they can be together. Romeo and Juliet are characterized by being smart hardworking people since they are both very book smart and are both also poets. This is one of the reasons they fall in love and it is also the reason that they are able to make their families friends. In the end, it doesn't work but they work hard for their dreams and eventually get to be together in the heavens. What they worked so hard for they finally got.


  1. Your book sounds very interesting. Following your dreams is the best way to live your life. Well I think it is. :)

  2. Is this like an off make of the book Romeo and Juliet? This sounds like a good book and I love the theme. It is what everybody should live by.


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