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Friday, December 10, 2010

Chris Lynch
End of Book
I think the theme of this book would be is told by Keir which is, the worst thing there is is when the people you love let you down. This is shown in many different scence throughout the book, but is always told by Keir. There was a graduation party at one of his friends house's. All the guys were high on all different kinds of things and Keir decided to try it. The girl he had had a crush on, Gigi, was there too. She has a boyfriend though in the military and was supposed to be there with her. He couldn't make it, so Keir stepped in and was there for her while she was upset. They talked about how they hated when the people they love let them down. That same night the two of them decide to go visit Keir's sisters at college. When they arrived both sisters were out partying and on dates. Keir was furious and took it out on Gigi. He refused to stay the night there, because of what his sisters had done, so they walk to an empty storage shed and stay there. In the morning Keir finds Gigi in the middle of the floor weeping. He asked her what happened, and she said that he raped her. Keir was a good guy, and good guys don't do bad things. He doesn't believe her, because in his mind their two hearts beat as one. Like two people in love. Gigi had let him down, and he loved her.

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