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Friday, December 3, 2010

Olivia Ramsey
O, Juliet
pg. 306
This book is a lot different than most of the ones I read lately because it was kind of historical fiction and romance together. I liked it because it was a twist on the classic love story of Romeo & Juliet. Another book I've read that reminds me of this book is I, Coriander which was a historical fiction book. A difference between these two books was that I, Coriander was only told from one persons point of view while O, Juliet was told from both Romeo and Juliet's point of view. The topic of these books was also very different except for the setting because I, Coriander was kind of a Cinderella story in a magical world while Romeo & Juliet was the basic love story with a slightly different twist. What I've learned from the books I've read is I definitely love the genre of Historical Fiction.

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