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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Summer Ball
Mike Lupica
Pg. 160
Again I think the main theme of my book is to never give up. Danny, the main character, is at a basketball camp where he is being picked on and the coaches hate him. He tries to tell his friends, parents, and another couselor that he just wnats to go home, but they say no and to not give up. They tell him to just keep trying with it, and it will only get better. I also think Danny is home sick and that he wants to leave. The camp is in another state and its all summer. The only time he can call home is once a week. Danny has a few enemys there that make it bad to, kids from the travel team they beat at nationals.


  1. Why do the coaches hate Danny? Is he just not as athletic as the other boys? I like how the parents made him stay at camp and to not give up. That is good motivation, I think anyways. It sounds like Danny is quite attached to his parents. Does Danny make friends with any of his enemies? Or do they just pick on him to? Hope you enjoy your book!

  2. My book has the same theme. Its cool that they encourage him to continue!

  3. Well Danny is really small so thats on reason why they dont like him, although he is really good. Also, Dannys dad was a good player and he had a chance to play for danny's camp coach in college but he went to another school. Yes he does become friends with a kid he beat at travel finals, "Rasheed".


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