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Friday, December 10, 2010

The Lost Symbol
By Dan Brown
End of Book

The main theme in this book would be to read between the lines and try to understand the hidden meanings of things and that humans take things way out of proportion. This is shown in the plot when the characters expect where the next clues to the Masonic pyramid are hidden and the pyramid keeps disproving them. It is also shown in the end when they find the lost mysteries, which is supposed to be something that when revealed will bring great enlightenment to the world, but I cannot tell what the pyramid leads to. It does show that humans blow things way out of proportion and there can different meanings to life and religion. This theme is also revealed in the characterization of Robert Langdon. He doesn't ever believe anything and he always believes what he has been taught. He isn't open to new ideas, but throughout the book he is forced to realize things that he didn't previously understand the meaning of. This book wants people to wonder about their own lives and what they can do to find the true meaning of it.

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  1. You said the main theme was to read between the lines and to look into the deeper meaning of things. I believe that is what life is about. If you can do that, you can understand all of the world's problems. And congratulations on deciphering the theme. You always do well at finding those.


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