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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ice Drift
Theodore Taylor

I think the main theme of this is to never give up and keep fighting. The two boys have to fight to survive the cold weather and find food and stay safewhile they are on the ice floe. They have to try their best to stay alive until help can arrive and they can be rescued. They have to try to find their own way to get off of the ice floe because they dont no if help will arrive.


  1. The theme of my book is very similar. The story line could kind of match to except the kids in my book are at a basketball camp. The book you are reading sounds rather interesting. Do you enjoy reading it? Book like yours are something im interested in, depending on the amount of pages.

  2. I think that a theme like that would make a very interesting book. For example if they give up even for a second then they may not survive. If they don't give up they probably will survive, however there's always that chance that something bad could happen. How do you find food on an ice floe? is there animals on this or do they fish?


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