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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dark Flame
Alyson Noel
End of Book

I am going to compare my book, Dark Flame, to The Vampire Diaries. I have read the Vampire Diaries last summer in my free time. There are some similarities between these two books, but there are several differences as well. One thing that is similar between these books is that they are both fiction books; Dark Flame talking about how immortals are real, and the Vampire Diaries talking about vampires... In Dark Flame, they reference to how most people suspect the immortals to be vampires when they are really immortals, which are totally different according to Dark Flame. Dark Flame is written in 1st person, telling the story in Ever's point of view, while Vampire Diaries is told in 3rd person, but with diary entries from different people mostly Alena. This makes the style quite different because you hear one side of the story in Dark Flame while you hear several sides of the story in Vampire Diaries. Also there are diary entries in Vampire Diaries which will tell the specific thoughts of certain people, so you sort of get a 1st person aspect in the story. So looking at these things, there are many differences such as point of view and style, but they also have similarities like their genres.

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