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Thursday, December 2, 2010


The Game of My Life
Jason McElwain
pg 50

This book seems to be similar to the ever so popular Travel Team by Mike Lupica. I kid who is never expected to do anything good and then emerged as a good player. They are both about basketball and give great descriptions and is an inspiring story. The Game of My Life is non-fiction but Travel Team is fiction. The characters are similar in they both have something wrong with them but Jason McElwains is much more serious. The conflict is the same in they both want to get on the court. So these books both have similarities.


  1. Are those Mike Lupica books good. Everyone seems to like them and what makes them so good that you like reading them?

  2. I think that sports book are all the same. but I do agree that Mike is probably the best sprots fiction author there is. His stoies are pretty inspiring.


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