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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Rescue by Nicholas sparks
Pages: 256 -326

In this book there is a possibablity of many different themes. One of the main themes is love, because this is a romance book, there is love in it. Taylor is in love with Denise, but taylor has a fear of comitment. everytime he seems to fall in love with a girl and its going great and eveything seems to be doing well, he breaks up with her. none of his friends knows why, or understands it. Him and Denise were doing better then ever, spending everyday with eachother. They would talk for long times, he would always come by, he would play with Kyle (denise's child) like he was his own, but yet after a nice dinner party over at his friends house, something changed. One of his friends kept asking about Denise and how they were doing, and if she was the one, and if he was going to marry her. His friend talked with Denise for a while and she told her all about Taylor's other girlfriends, and how he just unepectly broke up with them. After that night Taylor has been acting werid, not hanging with denise as much and seems to be more to himself and work. Denise is starting to get worried. Because of all these things that have happened i think i can predict the ending, and say that he over comes his fear and they marry. If that is it then i would say the theme would be something like never fear love and indure the path to happiness.

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