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Friday, December 3, 2010

The Lost Symbol
By Dan Brown
pg. 620
Tyler Book

This book is a lot like Angels and Demons, which was also written by Dan Brown. The Lost Symbol is in the Same kind of series I guess is what you would call it. It has the same main character in Robert Langdon and it is the same genre-fiction. It incorporates little history lessons within the chapters and both books have a different group from history. In Angels and Demons it was the Illuminati and in the Lost Symbol it is the Freemasons. They are very similar in the way they are written and in the layout of the chapters. These books are very similar obviously because they are in the same series, yet they have subtle differences and have a completely different storyline.


  1. As I am typing this very post, I am sitting right next to you. I have seen Angels and Demons but have not read The Lost Symbol. Does it have the same plot lines?

  2. From what you explained to me, this author sounds like he writes a lot of good stories. I would really like the little history lessons, because you would pick them up like when you watch National Treaure. Does he prove that the Freemasons were real? I always thought they were interesting after watching the movies


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