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Friday, December 10, 2010

Cold River
By William Judson

The theme of my book is to never give up even when it seems things cant get any better just keep going and it will all be fine. It reminds me of the song "If Your Going Through Hell" by Rodney Adkins because the message is the same. When Lizzy and Tim get stuck in the frozen winter and manage to survive because they never gave up and used what they learned from there dad to survive and see another day. Lizzy character of relentless determination is what saved Tim because alone he would of cracked under the pressure. The idea is to keep going through hard time and don't stop to look back.


  1. First of all that is a great song. i see how it relates to you're book. I think that my book has the same theme as yours. They are both "never give up." your book sounds interesting and i think it would be a good read.


  2. This is a theme in a lot of books. It is a good lesson to learn. This could be a theme in my book as well that I didn't think of. Why were the characters put into this situation in the first place?


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